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If you’re not an OpenTable VIP (which you absolutely should be!), you should try dining out with one. As Rachel Skonik can attest via her tweet, it has its sweet rewards!. Does OpenTable have other statuses that restaurants do care about? (You reach OpenTable VIP status by making and attending 12 reservations in 12 months.). I first earned Opentable VIP status a dozen years ago. I’ve never gotten anything of value (or really anything at all) from it. That’s not surprising, considering that they don’t even tell you that you’ll get something.

opentable vip 2If you hit 12 reservations in a year through Opentable, you become an Opentable VIP. I love status. I chase status. But in my experience there are no benefits whatsoever to Opentable VIP status. There is little cost to losing an OpenTable account because good behavior is not rewarded. And if you are wondering about that OpenTable VIP badge, the company says the designation simply rewards those who frequently use the service. PX used to be V.I.P., but most restaurants stopped using that label years ago because it was so widely recognized and offended non-V. When a reservation is made on OpenTable, the restaurant is sent a bare-bones listing: the customer’s e-mail address, any special requests and a note indicating whether the person is an OpenTable V.I.P., someone who has used the service at least 12 times in the last year.

Just got Open Table VIP status, and wonder if it really does anything.Anyone else have experience with that? OpenTable, the online and mobile restaurant reservation system, is great for consumers — it lets them look at a bunch of different restaurants, see which one has the most convenient available reservation time, and book the reservation without ever picking up a phone. Exclusive recognition on for VIP Members We greatly appreciate your loyalty and thank you for opentabling when you need restaurant reservations.

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Some of New York City’s trendiest restaurants keep a shadow reservation system for celebrities, business moguls and other VIP clients. I know this not because I’m a big shot but because I worked for one. With Hot Tables, OpenTable lets VIP users (those who make at least 12 reservations a year) sign up for alerts when their preferred restaurant is already booked anyone who has signed up for the alert will get a text message notification the second a table opens up. I have been an OpenTable VIP for years, and I have yet to see a restaurant acknowledge this in any way, or offer me special treatment because of this status. We updated our VIP system today so that it rewards the top 10 most active customers with VIP perks at participating venues. We don t charge a percentage of the deal like Groupon or cover fees like Open Table; restaurants give perks directly to the customer. A OpenTable VIP requests hot waitress and hates wife on receipt PHOTO ( submitted 3 years ago by AnonymousHillStaffer. Chteau d’Esclansros garden + grilling. music stage. SCE&Ghands-on kitchen. ticketing. Y’allsomechswff retail. Bottleswine retail shop. OpenTablevip lounge.

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Opentable secrets: Opentable is an online service for making restaurant reservations. But in my experience there are no benefits whatsoever to Opentable VIP status. Melissa Robertson melpels Mar 30. Ya’ll I achieved VIP status on opentable today. I feel like ValerieHeruska will be proud. foodiesftw. Recently, it occurred to me that I absolutely love OpenTable, the online restaurant reservation service. Reserve your seat on OpenTable early as spots go fast. Reserve Now On Powered By OpenTable.