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Origami Furniture – DESIGN NATURE TECHNOLOGY – Azienda italiana che produce elementi di design ecosostenibile in cartone alveolare riciclato e riciclabile. Origami Furniture – DESIGN NATURE TECHNOLOGY – Italian brand of ecofriendly furniture and design made of recycled and recyclable honeycomb cardboard. Shop the latest Origami Furniture at HSN.com. Read customer reviews on Origami Furniture and get TV showtimes for Origami.

origami furniture 2It is the site where it collected origami of the furniture. Origami Home Products provides quality Folding Table & Wall Mount Racks. Contact us today! Inspired by paper craft, this ergonomic chair and functional wall shelf look like they’re cut and folded, just like origami, creating sculptural forms.

Aljoud Lootah’s Oru origami furniture is made from teak, felt and copper. To me there is something about plywood’s use as a furniture medium that is similar to paper’s use in origami. Origami furniture made from recycled cardboard. Karton’s modular, foldable furniture is sturdy (the bed can support almost 2,000 pounds), assembles in minutes, and is made entirely out of cardboard.


origami furniture 3These 12 origami-inspired furniture and home decor designs bring the grace and elegance of this ancient paper art into functional use for the home. Solar Decathlon Studio: Furniture Design-Build Project USC School of Architecture Fall 2013 Prof. As such, studies on the Japanese art of origami were first conducted to analyze its style and folding principles. Inspired by folded paper shapes, each piece expresses simplicity and clarity of form. The back envelopes and protect like a wingback, whie the open sides of the seat convey ease. Cut and Fold, a Kickstarter furniture project by two Canadian architects, fuses plywood and papercraft. This Italian manufacturer has come up with a novel way of turning two-dimensional layers of wood and fabric into very modern-looking origami furniture. Mahadevan and his team have characterized a fundamental origami fold, or tessellation, that could be used as a building block to create almost any three-dimensional shape, from nanostructures to buildings.

Origami Furniture

ORIGAMI FURNITURE is a young brand that puts creative skill at the heart of its philosophy, together with a respect for nature and the creation of functional items. Moth Origami Lampshade, Pink and White by Studio Snowpuppe – 96.92.