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The Orwell is a multifunction furniture piece, giving you a sofa, a bed, and a veritable private bedroom in one. You can chill in it like a sofa, lie down on it like a bed, and even unfold the integrated curtains, which closes it off into a cabin-like structure, essentially giving you a personal private space. ‘orwell’ by goula figuera is the furniture fusion of a sofa, a bed, and a cabin that has led to a series of multifunctional advantages. From designers Pablo Figuera and lvaro Goula the Orwell combines the best of a sofa, bed and cabin into one well-rounded piece of furniture.

orwell cabin bed  2Orwell Sofa is a cabin-like futon that features a roll-down ‘blind’. The sofa was referred to as ‘a piece of furniture somewhere between a sofa, a bed, and a cabin’ as it sat curiously in the design studio, before being christened after the famed writer of 1984. Remember that time during your childhood when you used to build tents or forts out of the bed or sofa? If you do, you definitely had a typical childhood! Also, this will probably trigger more memories for you. The Orwell sofa/bed by Goula & Figuera brings privacy and intimacy to the decor fray, with its snug features and multi-functional attributes.

Designer Goula Figuera tackled a new hybrid project titled Orwell, where he channeled childhood memories by combining a sofa, bed and cabin into one napping nest. Posts about Orwell Cabin Bed written by Musings from a Tangled Mind. The Orwell designed by Goula Figuera is one such piece of furniture that combines sofa, bed and your very own private cabin in one and is created especially to recapture intimacy of home that is sometimes lost within our busy lifestyles.

Shut Yourself Away From The World With A Cabin-like Orwell Sofa

orwell cabin bed  3The Orwell will give us time for ourselves while reading or even napping since it can be a personal cabin. You can also use it as a bed or a sofa as well. Orwell Cabin Bed: Transform Your Sofa Into A Fortress Of Privacy – Home Design – Google+. Orwell, a cross between a sofa, bed and cabin invites the user to climb in and re-live childhood memories. Orwell Cabin Bed: A sofa that becomes a fort to let you sleep in complete.

Orwell Sofa By Goula Figuera