Oswald Wooden Skull Clock Sample Plans PDF

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Vintage Wood Tezuka Poppo Dog Clock with Moving Eyes – no key. See what items on eBay consist of an interesting Oswald clocks collection. Join kap3349 to create inspiring collections on eBay!. This collection of cross-eyed genies, skulls, monkeys, gnomes, owls, and dogs (LOTS of dogs) are an interesting cast of antique novelty clocks.

oswald wooden skull clock 2J oswald antique german wooden carved dog clocks – Google Search More. Clockmaker Fritz Oswald made novelty clocks with rotating eyeballs, with one eye displaying the hours and the other displaying the minutes. For Sale on 1stdibs – Super rare to find in one piece. Oswald made these rotating eye clocks from around 1900 – 1940. The skull is always hardest to find, but they made dogs,.

J. Oswald Rolling Eye Skull Clock. Figural carved wood skull has glass eyes with markers in the retina indicating the minutes in one eye and hours in the other, has nice original paint and stands on an ebonized wood base. Rare early carved wood large Oswald rotating eye skull clock. 1030 German, Black Forest, Wooden plated automaton shield clock (Gentleman’s eyes move back and forth behind openings in dial), striking full quarters (Grand Sonnerie) on two weights, approx 2-day duration, c1890.


oswald wooden skull clock 3Antique clocks Oswald Skull clock time of death in Antiques, Decorative Arts, Clocks eBay. These roving eyeballs were great novelty clocks. They were made by Oswald during the 1920 / 1930s. There were a few different skulls that Oswald made.

J. Oswald Rolling Eye Skull Clock