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Although treated wood is protected against decay and termite attack, the application of a water-repellent sealer to all exposed wood surfaces is recommended upon completion of construction. Solid-color stains should never be used on flat surfaces such as decks and porches, because of their low resin content. Even if your deck is made of pressure-treated lumber, redwood, cedar, or some other durable species, it’s at risk the moment the last nail is driven home. Choosing from among the several hundred deck cleaners, stains, and sealers out there is less simple. Weather wreaks havoc on unprotected wood, even pressure-treated pine, tropical hardwoods, cedar, redwood, and others that are resistant to rot and insect damage. Toners and semi-transparent stains also protect wood against moisture while offering some protection against the sun’s rays (Figure 2).

outdoor stain for treated wood 2When to paint, stain, or apply water repellent to pressure treated wood. And when it comes to outdoor projects, it’s not finished until it’s been stained, sealed or painted. The most common deck wood used in America. Pressure treated wood is typically a low quality pine selected for it’s high content of sapwood and low content of heartwood. The result is an exterior-grade wood that’s ideal for building decks, fences, sheds, picnic tables, swing sets, and other outdoor projects. Allow treated wood to dry thoroughly before staining or painting.

A pressure treated wood deck needs special consideration when staining or sealing it. Pressure treated wood has preservatives (including arsenic) that are forced deeply into the wood fibers to protect against rot, mildew, and termites. Staining pressure treated wood..it can be a pain! It can be a pain! One of my buddies used the Olympic Deck Cleaner on his mildewed deck and he couldn’t thank me enough for the recommendation. Shop our selection of Exterior Stain in the Paint Department at The Home Depot. Semi-Transparent Deck, Fence and Siding Wood Stain. Model 507705.

Sealing, Painting And Staining Pressure Treated Wood

outdoor stain for treated wood 3This should bring the wood back to it’s bare state and at that point our Extreme Wood Stain would work great on your pressure treated deck. Will deck joists and support beams treated to above ground retention levels (UC3B) remain building code compliant under the American Wood Protection Association s (AWPA) Use Category System (AWPA-UCS) guidelines? Yes. If you don t like the idea of repainting every two or three years, consider staining the pressure-treated wood instead. Stain or seal dry wood – the time it takes for wood to dry out depends on the climate and the wood’s exposure to the sun. During the summer, pressured-treated lumber can dry in a few days in full sun. In summer in the American southwest, deck lumber open to sunshine can dry in a few days. Once the wood is dry, the procedure for painting treated wood is no different from that for painting untreated wood.

How To Stain A Pressure Treated Wood Deck