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Tablecloth Size Guide This guide is for reference only. Calculate the tablecloth size you need for your table. It’s less than ideal, but you can use the chart on the back of the package to get a pretty accurate idea.

oval tablecloth size chart 2Finding the perfect size tablecloth for your table is an easy process. It don t matter what matter what shape it is, whether it be square, round, rectangular or even oval we got it covered in this guide. Following is a basic chart of standard tablecloth sizes and the table sizes they would fit:. You can decide on a tablecloth size based on the type of occasion you’re planning. For a table of four people, you should be able to get by with a 70-inch oblong tablecloth.

Guidelines on how to select the right size tablecloth for your table. Tablecloth Size Chart. Tablecloth oval 178 x 224cm (70 x 88), seats 6-8. Tablecloths by Econo, Sizing Chart. Tablecloths round, square, oblong or custom sized by Econo Tablecloths. Econo Tablecloths 660-438-4617 Email Us.

How To Measure Your Table For A Tablecloth

Tablecloth sizes. The chart below shows how large a table can be, with three different depths of drop. Rows in pink indicate so-called banquet sizes, which are not usually sold at outlets like department stores. Oval tables. Those sizes, with tablecloth sizes and seating capacity, are outlined in the chart below:. Need help figuring out what size and shape of tablecloth you need? Tablecloths come in square, round, oblong (rectangle), and oval. There are also patio umbrella tablecloths with a hole in the center for. How to measure for a tablecloth: It’s easy and only requires a tape measure, your table, and a little math. To determine what size tablecloth is best for your needs and your table, you will need to know two things:. If your table is more of an egg-shaped oval, rather than the standard oval seen at left, it will require a pattern. Use our Homespun Tablecloth Size Guide to find the perfect Homespun Tablecloth for your table. 62 x 90 Oval, 38 x 64.

How To Select The Right Sized Tablecloths For Your Table