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More power to you if you have a rough terrain forklift or other lifting device at your disposal!. The opening size for roll up and garage doors are different than other types of residential doors. I was trying to determine rough opening sizes so I could layout anchor bolts and openings in the concrete. A 36×80 door is minimum 39×82 and on my garage door I went with Dalton doors and they recommend the finished opening being the size of the door and the seal around the door takes care of the rest. Even those who have done it before can have a hard time planning for the proper finished garage door opening size. The right measurements are necessary to make sure that the garage door fits correctly into the opening of the new garage.

overhead door rough opening size 2What Size Are Standard Residential Garage Doors? When you build a garage make it bigger as well as the rough opening so it can accommodate bigger vehicles. I always make the RO the same size as the door. That way when finishing with 1x material it covers up the unfinished metal edge off door. Generally, I will make the rough opening for a 9×7 garage opening 9’3x 7’1 1/2. Measure the door opening for width. The con-creatures ( affectionately known as) will leave ‘call size’ plus 3 inches from stem wall to stem wall.

The R.O. of a garage door opening is the same size of the door. 16’x7′ door will need a 16’x7′ opening. While building a new garage it is better to check available sizes, make a selection and create a rough opening according to manufacturer specifications. Door Size (Width x Height), Rough Opening Size (Width x Height).

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