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Tubular fixed bed Reactor Tubular reactor that is paced with solid catalyst particles. High conversion per unit mass of catalyst. 2. Here are some links to example problems dealing with packed bed reactors. Packed bed reactors are one of the most common reactors used in the chemical industry due to their high conversion rate per catalyst weight compared to other catalytic reactors. Packed bed reactors can be used in chemical reaction. The advantage of using a packed bed reactor is the higher conversion per weight of catalyst than other catalytic reactors.

packed bed reactor conversion 2Pressure Drop in a Packed Bed Reactor (PBR) Using the Ergun Equation. This Demonstration compares the conversion, pressure, molar flow rate, and volumetric flow rate for the two reactors as a function of distance down the reactor. Packed bed catalytic reactors are specially designed reactors that accelerate the rate of reaction by the use of latest technological equipment. Space velocity depends on the design of the reactor, reactor inlet conditions, catalyst type and diameter, and fractional conversion. In this study, we developed a continuous packed-bed reactor, which was packed with Novozym 435 lipase, to produce biodiesel from soybean oil with methanol.

We examined the conversion rates in a packed bed catalytic reactor with a two phase upward flow in a wide range of operating conditions. Packed bed reactors with a two-phase upward flow can be used in a wide number.

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