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HGTV has inspirational pictures, ideas and expert tips on the best ways to paint kitchen cabinet doors. Thorough preparation is the key to successfully painting kitchen cabinets. Start by removing the cabinet doors and drawers and remove all pulls, knobs, latches and other hardware from these parts. See what four painting professionals say about painting kitchen cabinets.

paint kitchen cabinet doors 2Before you start painting kitchen cabinets, it pays to prepare for the job ahead. If possible, take one of your cabinet doors to your local paint retailer and talk with a pro about what kind of material you’re working with and what products will help you achieve the best results. Take all of the doors off the cabinet frame, take the drawers out, and remove all of the hinges and hardware from the doors. I painted over existing primed melamine upper cabinet doors and couldn’t be happier.

Instead of replacing your old kitchen cabinets, make them new by repainting them. In this article, we’ll show you how to spray-paint your doors and drawers. Paint cabinets to brighten a shabby kitchen. Choose an oil-based paint or a water-borne acrylic enamel. A wonderful world of rainbow colors are available to you for your cabinet door project! We now offer a huge selection of factory painted Colourtone and Sherwin Williams colors.

How To Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

paint kitchen cabinet doors 3Learn how to refresh kitchen cabinets with a new coat of paint in 8 easy steps. They will sell you new doors and drawer fronts, and put a veneer (a thin outer layer of higher-quality wood) over your current cabinet frames and sides. The cabinets were well built, though, with solid wood doors, drawer fronts, and frames. It would have been a shame to tear them out, and replacing them with a similar grade cabinet would have cost thousands of dollars. Paint your kitchen cabinets for a new look. Just make sure that you follow these steps from an expert. Even if multiple doors are the same size, you, they’ve been fitted in a custom manner. Let us take all the difficulty out of painting your new cabinet doors. My wife and i wanted to replace our 1979 ebony stained kitchen cabinets,when a friend said why don’t you just paint them. We painted our kitchen cabinets as part of our recent kitchen makeover (which you can see more of here). Step 1: Remove cabinet doors and drawer fronts, plus any hardware that might be attached. Hands down the easiest way to DIY Painting Kitchen cabinets white! So I was itching to find a way to paint my kitchen cabinets without footing a huge painting bill or spending half my life sanding away and priming cabinet doors.

How To Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Recommendations on Re-finishing Kitchen Cabinets:. Sand and make sure you use primer – the wood just soaks up the paint. Be sure when you remove your cabinet doors to number them and put corresponding numbers in the place where you took them from.