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So I painted our dining room table (see how it looked before here) with three coats of oil-based paint. I’m in love with the result! I also loved it before, but after almost three years of daily use, it was ready for either a fresh staining or a coat of paint, and I felt like the room could use a little more white now that we have the wood walls. Paint can bring new life to a room, but painting kitchen tables is an easy and affordable way to update your kitchen furniture, too. White tables with brightly colored chairs look nice in kitchens, while more striking colors can really make a statement. Paint is also a great tool for creating a stylistically unique dining set that can become the centerpiece.

painting dining room table white 2I’ve been wanting to swap our current counter-height dining set for a standard table height for some time now, just because our dining room space is so small. So I added in some more white(ish) paint and I think a little green, and I ended up with a color I really really love. How To: Paint A Dining Room Table with Oil Based Paint. I went into the purchase knowing that whatever table I bought was going to get painted white, so I wasn’t so worried about the condition of the wood. – Paint Dining Room Table design ideas and photos.

It’s a story of our dining room table, and a little bit more. So, I spent a few evenings sitting on the floor of my bedroom painting the table black. Do at least 5 coats of sealer (polycrylic for white or polyurethane for other colors) and remember that it won’t fully cure for about a month so be careful with the surface. When I started painting my dining room table, I’d already successfully painted the TV hutch, two bookcases, four chairs, a train table, and a desk. I used a white chalk lime wax over the chairs, cobblestone without the lime wax is a beige-gray.

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painting dining room table white 3Do you have great dining room chairs, but no longer love the color? It’s a lot easier to work under the chairs this way! I also covered the table in a plastic painter’s cloth and grabbed a few spare blocks of wood to set underneath each of the chair legs. Using the Polycrylic ensures your white paint won’t turn yellow! Y’all know I’ve been painting furniture and cabinets for years, but this time I tackled the painting of a kitchen table. They will give you a soft hand rubbed finish and won’t change the color of your white paint. I have an older dining set that needs to be repainted and I totally never thought about sanding it down and what kind of paint I would need. I never dreamed that I would ever paint my kitchen table when we bought it. Blanched Pine (7005-15) for the shade of white we were looking for. We allowed the polyurethane to set on the tabletop for four days with no use. How To Paint Your Dining Room Furniture. You don’t want to prime, paint, then distress, or your white primer will show up when you distress. I love paint. Spray painted my entire dining room table and chairs. Martha Stewart transforms a dresser, table, and chair in found condition with coats of white paint.

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Painting a kitchen or dining table isn’t really much more difficult than painting any other piece of furniture. Here are some of the mistakes people make painting a kitchen table:. Eye Popping Living Room Makeovers. I decided that an old dining set I found on Craigslist was the perfect first project ( side note: come to find out, a giant old dining set is probably NOT the perfect choice for a first project haha ). Since I’ve been on the prowl for a dining room table to refinish for my own dining room, I was happy to pay the little bit she wanted for it and she even delivered it to my house. After a few minutes I went back over the stain with a clean white cloth to rub away any excess. It’s just a tricky job that is best left to a pro that has a shop set up to do it. Im trying to find the brand and name of the gorgeous pink paint in the dining room.

Dining Table Before & After: How to Refinish A Wood Table. After 15+ hours of sanding, staining, priming and painting, my dining room table makeover is complete! I finished the legs off with two coats of white paint, which I had leftover from my desk makeover. I’ve been looking for a paint to match the Heirloom White spray paint.