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While thermofoil cabinets are very easy to care for, painting them can be somewhat tricky. Also, while not essential, you may use a screwdriver to detach your cabinet doors if you wish to paint and prime them separately. You may be able to relate if you’ve purchased or are considering purchasing thermofoil cabinet doors for your kitchen. Made from dense fiberboard that is then pressure coated in rigid vinyl, thermofoil doors are less expensive than real wood. Painting Thermofoil Cabinet Doors- Although thermofoil cabinets are easy to maintain, they can be difficult to paint. The material is usually not meant to be painted but it can be done with proper preparation.

painting thermofoil cabinet doors 2Is there a reliable way to strip and paint RTF doors that are delaminating badly, or is it wiser just to buy new MDF doors and start from scratch? May 12, 2013. KnowledgeBase: Cabinetmaking: Cabinet Door Construction KnowledgeBase: Finishing KnowledgeBase: Finishing: Refinishing Would you like to add information to this article?. While the basic structure was sound, the white thermofoil coating was starting to peel and pop off. Add to that the discovery of a silent leak at our sliding glass door, which left the door frame and subfloor rotten. YUP, I painted my formerly white cabinets black, and I am still alive to tell about it Dare I say it was EASY??? (I have included steps at the end. Yes, yes you can. And here’s how you get them to the point of being able to paint. Let me preface with this – I hate Thermofoil. And maybe Thermofoil today is different than that which was installed in my kitchen back in the mid-2000s.

KNOW IF THERMOFOIL KITCHEN CABINETS CAN BE PAINTED? Thermofoil cabinets are made from a laminate substance that is fused over the top of particle board. As a result, thermofoil is also very difficult to paint. Door; How to Glue Thermofoil Cabinets; My Thermofoil Cabinet Doors Are Peeling; Comments. Peeling White Thermafoil Cabinet Door and Drawer Front. A fresh coat of paint on the entire door would probably stand out more than just the edge having been painted.

Refinishing Failed Thermofoil Doors

painting thermofoil cabinet doors 3A mural that was painted before we moved in by the builder and thermofoil cabinets in which the outer plastic coating had completely come off. I added an old door from Habitat Humanity that I painted with some Paris Grey and French Linen Chalk Paint and chipped it up, and an old ladder from a flea market. Once that happens – the integrity of the door is gone. Thermofoil cabinets can be painted if proper painting methods are used. However, we have had good results painting thermofoil cabinets. Thermofoil cabinet doors are created when a layer of PVC vinyl is applied to MDF board using a combination of vacuum pressure, heat and high-quality, catalyzed glue. Our proprietary painting techniques have been developed over many years to create a door of superior quality and styling. (use a sponge roller) NOTE: If you remove the cabinet doors..number each door by writing the number on a piece of tape and sticking it to the back of the door, and doing the same on the inside of the cabinet so that you will know where each door goes back. Number each door by writing the number on a piece of tape and sticking it to the back of the door, and doing the same on the inside of the cabinet so that you will know where each door goes back. Q. I, too, would like to know how to paint Thermofoil cabinets. Can one paint white thermofoil cabinet doors? If so, what do you use for surface preparation and what kind of paint do you use for final coat?

Painting Thermofoil Cabinets

M and J Thermofoil kitchen doors for new cabinetry or replacement doors for your existing kitchen cabinets. You can also get a matching Peel and Stick vinyl for the cabinets to finish off your re-facing project. To paint a thermofoil cabinet, sand the surface to be painted, add a primer, and apply latex paint. In order to repaint MDF kitchen cabinets, remove the doors and hardware, thoroughly clean all surfaces, sand, apply two coats of primer and apply two coats of paint. I don’t know how to deal with painting melamine and don’t know what color to choose.