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Then move on to the white paint on the spindles. Put on your favorite music and go for it. White risers can brighten a tight or poorly lit stairway and lend it a more spacious feel, and can also accentuate darker stain on the steps or deeply colored nearby walls. Use natural-bristle brushes and paint in the direction of the wood grain. Why would you paint beautiful hardwood stairs white?

painting wood stairs white 2Like finding a dream tool that made painting my stair risers a breeze. 2) I never noticed these gaps between our stair risers until it was highlighted with white paint! I debated between painting the stairs black and white to match the railing or staining them a dark color to match the floors. As long as your coating the wood, it’s blocking the stain from coming through and preparing the surface for the paint color. When painting, I didn’t have to be perfect with the white paint because I knew I would be adding a small piece of cove moulding afterwards.

Paint the stairs in your house to make the hum-drum trip between floors a journey worth remembering. White risers can do a lot to brighten a staircase, as evidenced in the entryway above. For the second go around, I sanded properly, applied kilz oil based primer (some fumes and not the easiest to use but super adhesive) with a natural bristle brush in the direction of the wood grain, then topped with two coats of oil-based white paint using a foam brush. Painting steps with a stencil requires preparation, the proper paint for steps and a sealing coat, such as clear water-based urethane. These were wood steps leading to her basement. Some of the most unique steps I’ve seen painted are ones where the entire set of steps is painted a base color such as an off white with the colored stencil patterns applied as highlights. The biggest problem you’ll have, if the stairs are the only way up and down in your home is determining how to maintain a flow of traffic while the work is going on.

Ordinary Oak To Simply White: My Staircase Reveal

Basement stair paint can be durable, requiring only occasionally touch ups. Slip resistant additives can also be added to ensure that stairs are safer. Use putty or wood filler and a putty knife to fill in holes. If you have a cement staircase, you will want to fill holes with epoxy. We have wood railings that separate our step down family room from our kitchen, in-need-of-replacing cabinets in the kitchen in the. -Semigloss paint in white (or color of your choice) -Optional: tape. How to paint wooden stairs; how to prepare them, how to repair them and what you will need to paint old wooden stairs. You might choose to paint your stairs plain white, or you might decide to go for a bold statement and choose a strong colour. I have always yearned for hardwood steps and white painted risers. Painting Stairs is one of the best DIY home improvement projects for new homeowners to tackle. It may seem daunting, but all that is involved is time. Sander, paint, brushes, polyurethane, wood filler, painters tape. If you’re staining, you’ll also need stain, a soft cloth and a wood stain pre-conditioner. Before I get to the stair painting, let me briefly recap my home buying experience: when we walked into the house, I knew right away that it could be home. I will never understand the choice to cover beautiful oak wood with carpet, never mind one that resembles Pepto-Bismol. Remember the navy stripes I did on Wes’s white walls.

How To Paint Basement Stairs: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

I have dreamed about dark stair treads and white risers for longer than my first born’s age. As there was a lot of paint over spray on the stairs, I used a product called Citristrip to help remove it. If your spindles are already white, jump on this PRONTO! And your stairs may not have the wood along the base like ours does, but if you do, we found this sponge sander that got into cracks a little better than the mouse sander. Painted stairs are a great DIY solution to an otherwise expensive problem. Once I figured out where the stripes were going to go, I measured from the edge of the stair to the blue tape and cut a spacer out of wood and used that to help align the blue tape as I went down the stairs. Some of the white paint did bleed through on the stain just a bit, and although it wasn t bad at all, I wanted to try to fix it.

We were pleasantly surprised that almost all of the wood floors were in decent condition and would be in great condition with just a little buffing and sealing! The stairs were already painted (a not-so-lovely shade of green). I am really glad you posted this today as I look at my stairs UNFINISHED!! I started this project about months ago and never finished, my goal is to do black and white but I still have not purchased the wrought iron spindles I was planning to replace my wood with, but I really like the idea of the black painted wood ones! We put three coats of white glossy paint on the riser panels with a foam roller. But once everything else was painted and the runner was here, we laid it out with the unpainted risers and were finally 100 sure we’d prefer them painted (like this inspiration image) so we finally pulled the trigger. Saturday, November 9th MORNING: Sherry applied coats 2 and 3 of white paint to the posts about three hours apart. We also wanted to use some sort of padding to keep the runner from sliding and to add some extra cushioning, but we wanted to be sure to go with something that wouldn’t adhere to or damage the wood stairs, just in case we want to go runner-less again sometime when the kiddos are older, so we got a standard 5 x 8 rug pad at Target and discovered that cutting it in half made it just about the perfect width.