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I’ve had a couple of pallets for quite a while and was wondering how to use them. I decided to make a rustic bird feeder to feed the local wildlife. You will find plenty more crafty DIY ideas for using reclaimed pallets on www. For this purpose the bird feeders can play a vital role to invite them to your garden or any cheerful outdoor space. This DIY pallet bird feeder has also been constructed with pallet wood remains and crumbled pieces. Just make this DIY pallet birdhouse and feeding platform hanged to your garden space or simply adjust on a pole fixed at your outdoor space. Deluxe bird table made from left over pallets See more about Bird Tables, Left Over and Pallets.

pallet bird table 2Ellesmere large slate apex gazebo birdtable table: 45 x 40 x42 stand: 133 x 76 x76 overall height of birdtable on stand 1.78m delivered complete on a pallet weight 24 kilos Ref HD72 Price 139. PALLET BIRD TABLE WITH SLATE ROOF. By: Dusty Miller May 6, 2010. OFF CUTS OF PALLET WOOD AND A FEW BROKEN SLATES FROM A SKIP. A Pallet AND Recycled Wine bottle craft in one! Use up the scraps from an old pallet to make this simple rustic bird feeder that your feathered friends will love.

How to make a bird table using reclaimed wood and lollipop sticks. Bird table project made from pallets for work. Submitted by: Mark Hutchison! Examples of how to make a bird table for your yard: How To Make A Bird Table Out Of Pallets. How to make a bird table out of pallets. bird table,how to make table,table plans.

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This page gives you the information you need to build a basic bird table. A bird table does not need to be fancy or complicated – the birds are only interested in a good supply of food in a safe, sheltered place. Many of us have the hobby of feeding wild birds in our garden, with crumbs, cereals, fruit etc. Save a few discarded wood pallets from the landfill and you could have a new bar, couch, potting shed, swing or even an entire outdoor deck. Rocking Bird. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a potting table in the garden? Personally, if I were a pallet table, I’d be happy spending my days in the room above with that awesome bird decal (Is it a decal? Does anyone know where it’s from? Very mark weaver-esque, no?). With the first ray of the sun the birds with their families fly off their houses and nests to search for their food and the setting they fly back to their house rest and sleep. The roof of the wooden bird house has been hinged with a wooden stripe to make it lift up either you need to put a bird feeder in it or you need to clean it when the birds have filed it with their small shits.

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