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The pallet pool is a single- or multi-level pallet storage system. This option is used for automation cells with limited floor space. In its simplest form, equipment pooling (e.g. a pallet pool) is the shared use of high quality standard pallets and containers by multiple customers who collectively benefit from the network scale of the pool, versus trying to manage reusable equipment individually. Benefit from regular innovations in pooled equipment platforms and systems without outlaying capital. Okuma’s pallet pools are flexible manufacturing systems that connect to a select group of Okuma machining centers and 5-axis machines to enable automatic part handling and pallet changes.

pallet pool system 2Pallet pooling systems are a great way to encourage the reuse of wooden pallets and help reduce overall packaging costs and carbon footprints. However, many pallet pools in operation today are standardised making them limited. The LPP (Linear Pallet Pool) is a highly automatic system with cell computer and double-storey storage areas. It comes with an unmatched system flexibility shown by the fact that system configuration can be individually adapted to your every demand. What are the benefits for receivers to receive PRS pallets and co-operate in the PRS pallet pool? More than you may think at first glance!

We have a proprietary software system to track reusable assets. And, we can manufacture a pool of product; deliver the pallets to the point of use; and then use our back haul system to bring them back to a service center, clean them and prepare them to be shipped back into service. How many of you have experience with using pallets pools and linear pallet systems on horizontal machines? When I say Linear pallet systems I’m talkin. PRS Return System realises an important efficiency improvement in the chemical industry by standardising pallets and streamlining logistics. We are your Partner for a simple and flexible solution.

Pallet Pooling System

The key element of Zentek Pool System is the Zentek plastic pallet specially developed for automated processes on a rental basis. It is made out of one material: plastic – without a metal insert. European Pallet Association – Internationale Gtesicherung fr EUR-Paletten. Tongtai’s 6 and 8 position, 120 tool pallet pool systems are high-end efficient automation systems for today’s demanding manufacturing environments. The EUR-palletalso Euro-pallet or EPAL-palletis the standard European pallet as specified by the European Pallet Association (EPAL). Pallets conforming to the standardization are eligible for the European Pallet Pool (EPP) -the system allows for an exchange as pallet for pallet. How Pallet Pooling Works. Under a pooled system, manufacturers, distributors and retailers rent rather than own their pallets; the pallets are owned by iGPS.

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