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Do retractable screens need much maintenance? And do I have to do it? I’ve got patio sliding doors – can I use retractable screens? Yes. You can use several types of retractable screens, depending on the size of your opening. You can choose either a latching handle or magnet closure. Phantom Screens produces retractable screening solutions for doors, windows, and oversized openings such as patios, verandas, and garages.

phantom screen door magnets 2Factory direct magnetic latching roll away retractable custom screen doors. Call Screenmobile today to learn how Phantom Retractable Screen Doors help cool off your house naturally, save you money and reduce your energy consumption. To operate the screens, the slidebars are pulled to the center of the opening and held in place with magnets. Optional U-Bolt Latch allows you to latch your retractable screen door in place to prevent accidental openings from kids or pets. The Magnet is an important feature of the Wizard RetractaView that holds it in the closed position and allows you to open and close the door with ease.

Screen Door Saver Magnets are attractive, flexible rubber magnets for screen door awareness. Sorry, the screen door magnets will NOT work for roll up or retractable screens. If a dog runs in to it the screen pulls away from the magnet and the door retracts. I do not like the look of screens, especially on a double door.

Retractable Screen Door: Magnetic-latch

phantom screen door magnets 3With this French door screen set from Phantom Screens, one screen can be latched into place so you don’t have to open both screens every time you want to go outside. Also, kids and pets, if they apply enough force, can cause screens to pop away from their magnets and snap loudly back into their housings. Phantom Screens offers retractable screen solutions for doors, windows, and oversized openings that overcome these limitations, pulling into place when required, and retracting out-of-sight when not in use. Depending on the application the screen may be held in place with a magnet or latch system when in use. Professional Series Retractable Door Screens that use magnet latching system. Get yours at Please note: screen magnets will not work on retractable screen doors. Dreamscreens, Inc is a U.S. manufacturer of retractable screen doors located in Sarasota Florida. If only small magnets are used to hold the doors closed, it is probable that they will get knocked out of alignment, preventing the screen from staying closed. RETRACTABLE DOOR SCREENS. The Professional Series is the original retractable door screen by Phantom Screens that uses a magnet latching system.

Screen Door Saver Magnets

Not all retractable screen doors in the marketplace are alike. Mirage Super Magnet corrosion-resistant, very strong steel magnet, ideal for coastal areas. The Professional Series is the original retractable door screen by Phantom Screens that uses a magnet latching system. The Legacy Series door screen offers smooth operation and optimum control, featuring an integrated Latch & Release handle.