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The general rule of thumb for container-plant survival through the winter is that the plant should be hardy to two zones colder than your USDA Hardiness Zone. Green Mountain’ boxwood ( Buxus Green Mountain’, Zones 4 9) is a slow-growing shrub that, unlike many other boxwoods, retains a dark green color throughout the winter. Container-grown plants bring nature to an area of the yard where plants are otherwise unable to grow. Another advantage of using container-grown plants is the greater impact due to the height and. We wheel it into the garage for the winter-to protect the pot, not the boxwood. You might grow topiary boxwood yourself from cuttings-it just takes years.

plant boxwood in container 2Boxwood’s slow growth habit can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. If you want to plant a classic boxwood border, know that boxwood is not an instant hedge. Boxwood plants may be used as individual specimens, hedges, parterres and groups. Special uses include growth in containers, topiary, and bonsai. Boxwood (Buxus spp.) is a low-maintenance evergreen shrub that’s always a good choice for urban gardeners.

Introduce some greenery to your porch with a low-maintenance container garden of boxwoods, Irish moss, and more. Commercial Boxwood Production Horticulture Information Leaflet. Container grown nursery plants are produced in soilless media rather than soil. Answer 2 Brooks Wilson’s Answer Hi Ali, John gave you a great answer. I’ll just add that all plants in containers, at some point, will become root bound.

Planting Boxwood: Why You Should Frame Your Garden With Boxwood

plant boxwood in container 3There are yellowed snapshots of it sitting in its large clay pot in a sea of raw mud at the back corner of the house, the first significant pixel of our garden-to-be. Three of them, including the parent plant, form a sort of loose barrier or dividing point between a little terrace just on the east side of the house.

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