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Build a queen size platform bed on the cheap, with storage space underneath, for less than 30, in about an hour, and learn some basic carpentry skills in the process. The slight mattress overhang covers up the ends of the slats and keeps the user from bumping their legs on them, and uses standard lumber lengths efficiently. Join 2 million + to receive instant DIY inspiration in your inbox. The slats I used were the Sultan Lillaker from Ikea. I thought I had used the Sultan Liared slats. Tutorial – DIY slide out sofa bed platform – hack existing loveseat.

platform bed slats diy 2A slatted bed, or a bed with platform bed slats, is a relatively easy type of bed to build on your own, so they often appeal to people who enjoy making their own furniture or people who want a custom bed to fit their specific needs. has instructions on how to build a platform bed with a modern-style headboard. I have a motorhome which has a platform bed and I wanted to duplicate that for my house. Pingback: DIY Bedside Table from an old TV tray stand Kiwi + Peach.

What is it with beds nowadays using cheap thin wood slats? You can’t even stand up on a bed without snapping a slat, I’ve done this far too many times now. I have the same style platform on my bed and while I don’t have any problems with the sockets (metal frame,) I like the slats. Instead of slats in the middle of the bed, they have an upholstered Platform. Katie is looking for some DIY info: I love your site and I remembered seeing a funky bed in one of your writer’s mom’s bedrooms a while back. I finally found the post- and I’m trying to figure out how she made the platform bed.

How To Make Platform Bed Slats

platform bed slats diy 3Is the solid foundation slats or something that lets air get to all sides of the mattress? Putting a mattress on a solid surface (like a full sheet of wood or straight on the floor) is a usually a bad idea because the mattress can trap moisture underneath. Many Americans also use platform beds without box springs and are perfectly happy with this setup. Slats under a box spring aren’t all that necessary anymore, thanks to modern box spring construction methods. I crossed this bridge recently as I’m literally in the middle of building a platform bed out of ash and walnut with storage. Build your own DIY upholstered bed with headboard and frame. I originally planned to use two hollow core doors for the platform, but used slats instead so that the mattress can breathe. See more on my project here. How to build a DIY twin platform bed in under an hour, for about 30! Then I lugged the thing in, set the mattress slats in place, then dropped the mattress on it.

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