Plywood Hurricane Windows Sample Plans PDF

Cutting and installing plywood hurricane shutters could make the difference when it comes to protecting your home and possessions during a storm. Measure the Windows and Cut the Plywood. For those with limited incomes plywood shutters may be the only affordable option. Some people are experiencing a certain level of protection by covering their windows with special impact resistant protective film. Buy plywood before hurricane season, since it can be in short supply when a storm is approaching. Storm panels are an effective way to protect your windows and doors during a hurricane.

plywood hurricane windows 2Unfortunately cutting shutters from 4’x8′ pieces of plywood or polycarbonate product will frequently result in a lot of scraps you can’t use. Unless windows are small, you should figure that each window will require one 4 by 8 sheet of panel material. Hurricanes: Doors and Windows – Emergency Board Up. Plywood hurricane shutters can be far more effective when they are installed inside window frames instead of nailed into walls, hurricane experts said. Use 2×4 lumber or full-length piano hinges to connect pieces of plywood for extremely large windows, such as sliding glass doors.

PLYLOX window clips are the ingenious, inexpensive, non-destructive way to protect your windows from high winds and airborne debris. But wind blowing across the face of the plywood generates lift that can pull the cover out of the casing. Overlapping plywood shutters are best for windows inset less than two inches. Now imagine that rock driven by hurricane-force winds in excess of 155 mph. Plywood: An effective and inexpensive option for covering windows, figure you’ll spend 1- 2/sq.

Hurricane Retrofit Guide

Unless your home is equipped with hurricane shutters, an approaching storm means you’d better get busy putting plywood over your windows. Plywood is inexpensive, readily available (as long as you don’t wait until the last moment to shop), and has 30 percent greater impact strength than OSB. Rushing to a building supply store to buy plywood for your windows. If your house is in danger of being hit by a hurricane, protecting windows and sliding glass doors is almost always the number one thing you can do to ensure you’ll have a livable house if the worst happens. For more information on hurricane protection for doors and roofs, check these Web sites:. For large windows: If the opening is larger than one sheet of plywood, you will need to make shutters with 2-by-4 bracing. Board up a window for protection against strong storms and hurricanes. Step 4 Drill holes Drill holes in the plywood the same diameter as the bolts or screws you will be using, The holes should be two inches in from the edges of the plywood at each corner, and at 12-inch intervals around the panel. You should only use plywood as a last resort. We strongly encourage the use of aluminum shutters to protect your windows during a hurricane. A major area that causes structural failure during a hurricane is the gable end truss. The final option (and cheapest)is the use of plywood to protect your windows.

Emergency Window Board-up

In addition to covering your windows and protecting them from flying debris, they can also increase your home’s security should you be forced to evacuate and leave it uninhabited for a period of time. To make plywood hurricane shutters, first make sure that you buy exterior-grade plywood that is at least 5/8 thick. Home Products Praetorian Stainless Steel Hurricane Clips, secures plywood to windows in minutes, without nails, adhesives screws or drilling (20 pack ). ALA Impact Windows And Doors. Posted in: Hurricane window videos.