Plywood Storm Shutters Sample Plans PDF

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Well-built structures still need the added protection of hurricane shutters, however. For those with limited incomes plywood shutters may be the only affordable option. Cutting and installing plywood hurricane shutters could make the difference when it comes to protecting your home and possessions during a storm. Unfortunately cutting shutters from 4’x8′ pieces of plywood or polycarbonate product will frequently result in a lot of scraps you can’t use. Fluctuating forces can tear fasteners and anchors of storm panels apart or vibrate them loose.

plywood storm shutters 2Buy plywood before hurricane season, since it can be in short supply when a storm is approaching. Plastic shutters come in clear, translucent, and opaque styles. While the most expensive form of protection, unlike plywood or metal, they allow light in your home during a storm. Proper storm protection requires time and money. Because of the temporary nature of plywood shutters, the panel weight, and the installation labor required, we recommend using them as a last resort. Plywood hurricane shutters can be far more effective when they are installed inside window frames instead of nailed into walls, hurricane experts said.

Our guide helps you compare the pros and cons of various hurricane shutter types. Get step-by-step instructions on how to make plywood storm shutters. It’s a DIY project you’ll be grateful you took the time to do when a storm threatens. When trying to protect your home from a hurricane, shuttering or installing impact-rated windows and exterior doors to prevent high winds and wind pressures from entering your home or business is a key mitigation step. If permanent shutters are not available, plywood panels may be the only option.

Boarding Up: Hurricane Storm Panels For Your Home

There are two methods of installing plywood over your windows:. We strongly encourage the use of aluminum shutters to protect your windows during a hurricane. When a storm is already on its way and everyone is frantically trying to prepare, the normal supply system is quickly overloaded. To make plywood hurricane shutters, first make sure that you buy exterior-grade plywood that is at least 5/8 thick. Keep in mind that NO types of plywood shutters meet the South Florida Building Code. Workers cover restaurant windows with wood panels to protect them from the expected high winds of Hurricane Dean on Aug. Cover them with storm shutter panels of plywood, aluminum or plastic materials. Yard. Storm shutters are important have if you live on the coast. Also remember to keep plywood on hand if you need to board up windows. Image: For the do-it-yourselfers, design and installation guidelines for plywood storm shutters are available. These shutters provide some level of protection and are typically the least expensive option.

Hurricane Shutter Guide: Compare Types, Calculate Costs

How to Attach Plywood Hurricane Shutters to Brick – this one suggests setting threaded rod deep into the brick, cut holes in the plywood that fit over the threaded rod and I assume you screw them down with toggle nuts or something. Use to Secure Storm Panels and Plywood. This is a heavy-duty version of the industry standard wingnut. Works quickly to hold and install shutters on PanelMates, studded sill, F-Track, studded track, any 1/4-20 threaded stud. When a storm threatens, you can quickly install the protection and move on to other tasks and actions.