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Hi all, Here’s the problem: Buyer has a PO box (on file with paypal). The box is too big to ship by parcel post. UPS is the next best option. The. Private carriers like UPS and FedEx didn’t deliver to PO Boxes. My business (LLC) is in Maryland and I switched from a UPS box costing 300+ per year to a USPS box costing 80 per year. I have not been offered any mail forwarding service from the UPS Store and it sounds as though they would immediately put in a termination notice with USPS for accepting my mail. My reasons for getting a PO Box, then graduating to The UPS Store:.

po box ups 2No. UPS can only deliver packages to the recipient’s street address, because UPS is a separate business and is not affiliated with the US Postal Service. Because most of our services have to be signed for on receipt, we unfortunately cannot send to P O Boxes because we cannot obtain a signature on receipt. Some private companies (e.g., United Parcel Service (UPS) and commercial mail receiving agencies, also offer similar services of renting a mailbox in a public location.

UPS Mail Innovations frequently asked questions help our customers and clients located important answers to their mailing questions. Q. Does UPS Mail Innovations deliver to P.O. Boxes? Get your mail when and where you want it. Take advantage of the privacy, efficiency, and accessibility of reserving a PO Box online. Believe me, i really just wanna use my home address, however if my mom finds a mysterious package in the mail, i will be seriously fucked and.

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p.o. box locator 3I know there is a mod to ban PO boxes altogether, but is there a way to disable a specific shipping method when the address is a po box? TIA! PROS: Next time we re-locate, we can cancel our P.O. Box and the first class mail will be forwarded to our new address. Not bad as you get a real address and not a P.O. box. While UPS will deliver any box, USPS will return a misused Priority Mail box to you in most cases. I get my FEDEX and UPS packages at my home and my mail goes to a P.O. Box. We have never used a PO box before. Many of the UPS stores have boxes are accessible 24×7. and will notify you when you have mail in your box to pickup. UPS will not ship to a P.O. Box (i.e. they won’t deliver your package to Canada Post). Folks in Canada seem to never like UPS with items we sell from the USA.

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UPS does not deliver to P.O. Boxes. A phone number and description of contents is required on International shipments. You