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Seriously considering buying the rocking chair and ottoman. Awww, anyone else? i feel like i need as many reviews as i can get since IKEA doesnt have a review option. Better yet, has anyone bought it and can leave a review in the comments? We’d be especially interested to know if its rocking arc is any better than the Lillberg. Over the years, the Ikea Poang rocking chairs have carved out a strong reputation for themselves. They do not have an extra ordinary design like many expect, heck they do not even look like much, but do not be fooled by their simplicity, they are super, crazy comfortable.

poang rocking chair reviews 2I did find the Poang chair and Poang rocker, which both have an ottoman. Boy, are those chairs comfortable, at the right angle, and NOT UGLY. Before investing in a pricey small-footprint rocking chair or glider, I’d like to try something lower cost. Sat in a neighbors’ Ikea-type chair the other night and it was surprisingly comfortable. My sister- and brother-in-law have that set-up (non-rocker Poang chair and ottoman) and seem happy with it. Anyone have any opinions on using the Poang chair from ikea for. I ended up getting a cheap glider rocker from walmart that was much more comfortable and lasted through 2 kids.

So I’ve been considering getting the IKEA Poang rocking chair instead. We crafted this plush rocking chair with nursing mothers’ needs in mind. Find glider chairs and nursing chairs and create a comfortable spot to bond. Read consumer reviews to see why people rate IKEA Poang Chair 4.0 out of 5. Also see scores for competitive products.

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poang rocking chair reviews 3But I’m just wondering if they’re comfortable and/or durable. But I’m afraid it won’t be comfortable because it’s wood. We have the Ikea poang rocking chair and we are looking to get a better upholstered chair now that we’re expecting our second. The Ikea Poang Chair is one of those pieces of furniture that doesn’t have an extraordinary design yet is interesting enough to stand out. If you also have the matching footstool, then this duo can easily replace a rocking chair, saving you lots of money. It’s comfortable and has a beautiful and delicate design. One of the first thing that a mother need is comfortable nursery rocking chair or glider to comfortable nurse the baby, snuggle and rock your baby to sleep. Ikea Poang Armchair: 7 customer reviews on Australia’s largest opinion site ProductReview.com.au. 4.4 out of 5 stars for Ikea Poang Armchair in Chairs. I think I’m going to get the rocker version for my nursery, but I’d love to paint it. The cushions are so much more comfortable than the ones at Ikea.

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In the long run, not as comfortable as it seems. Options: Reply Quote. They have a mild spring action to them but are not a rocking chair. They sit fairly low. That should be rocking! lol mine is fabric and to be honest havent had any problems with it it also comes off to wash. I used our existing Poang chair but had to put cushions in as I found it was too reclined and I got backache otherwise. I just ordered my chair which I think will be great! I would never have bought an realy expensive one just hope it is comfy I read reviews about the chair and all very positive. As the title really, We want to buy a chair for the nursery and are currently debating between an ikea poang rocking chair, a traditional rocking chair and a full on gliding nursing chair. You are thinking that a rocking chair or a glider might be a good thing. It looks beautiful but is it comfortable and practical for a nursery rocking chair?

They swear it is the most comfortable chair in the world, worth every penny, and will save me during long nursing sessions and late-night snoozes in the baby s room.