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Our patented Port City Wave Cabinets are a fundamentally different approach to the speaker cabinet. Rather than creating a rectangular box, adding speakers, and hoping for the best, we developed our Wave cabinets to physically interact with the speakers in a more musical way. The Sahana is an EL34-flavored amp with great midrange rock tones. Daniel from Port City Amps was nice enough to come by the RMA last week and show me a couple of his 2×12 Wave cabs. I’ve got to say, these cabinets are most impressive.

port city cabinet review 2So guys to add to this thread i had a gig with mark V and a Port city 2×12. Im always gonna be a celestion guy but damn that cab sounded good. I remember reading a review where the buyer was tricked into believing he was hooked up to the 212 beside it. Anyone know the difference between the Port City 2×12 OS Wave Cabinet and the 2×12 Non-OS Wave Cabinet?Thanks!. Good to read your review Chris, that now makes me wonder what to do. I am hearing mostly good reviews about these cabs and I am leaning strongly toward getting an OS 1×12 to start. FYI Reeves Amplification has a cab made by Port City for thier amp line.

I have a Port City 2×12 Vertical Wave cabinet for sale. This thing sounds massive! I would put this up against any 4×12 cabinet on the planet. It sounds huge. I was interested in hearing the 2×12 so i went to Port City Music and they had a Budda Superdrive head there so i was very pleased to hear this cab with a high quality head. Port City is known for using ports in a way to enhance performance and not make everything turn to mud. An oversized cab has better extension than a standard sized cab but looses some transients.

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See reviews and prices for the Port City 4x12OS Wave cabinet, as used by Dustie Waring and others. We have a company here that can put speakers in any custom cab/ case. Thank you for any hints. The Cabs from Reeves Amps, and Port City are very well done. you want to look for dove tail or finger joints, not butt joints. 3 Port City Amps 2×12 Guitar Cabinets user reviews. The Port City Amplifiers Pearl Guitar Amp is an incredibly versatile amplifier designed to lay a rich tonal foundation for every type of guitarist. Product Reviews. After looking up reviews it seems the TA-15 is just a very bright amp. Also, another mention is the Port City Amplification OS Wave 1×12. Makers in Port City, NC. Read Ratings and Reviews on Port City, NC Cabinet Makers on Angie’s List so you can pick the right Cabinet Maker the first time.

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Buy a high quality, padded Tuki cover for your Port City Amps 1×12 OS Wave Cabinet. Protect your gear with the best in the business!. Colombo Port City is a planned offshore city in Colombo, Sri Lanka which is to be built on reclaimed land adjacent to the Galle Face Green. The plan has been given approval by the Standing Cabinet Appointed Review Committee (SCARC) and the port city will include roads, water, electricity, communication facilities to set up shopping areas, water sports area, mini golf course, hotels, apartments, recreation areas and marinas. Granted, if price is similar I’d probably go for the Port City over the M/B. Be the first to review 212 wave, bluesbraker grill cloth, unloaded.