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Port City Amplification builds hand-wired boutique guitar amplifiers, cabinets, and pedals in the mountains of North Carolina. Just thought I’d do a little review for the ‘real guitar cab’ guys. I’ve been curious about these Port City Wave cabs for a while and read the rave reviews. Port City Sahana Amp Head and Wave 2×12 Cab Review. SEARCH important besides technique pickups speakers cables DSP effects guitars preamps statements bld sahana head surface sound vision amplification.

port city guitar cabinets 2With the Port City Wave cabinet those sound waves are reflected out the front of the cabinet which results in MUCH more volume along with a MUCH more dynamic response. I was introduced to Port City amps when browsing through used gear at Guitar Center. I saw a Pearl head sitting cool on top of a slick looking oversized 1×12. The Port City Wave guitar and bass cabinets are totally unique in their appearance however, the magic of this cabinet lies within. Click to learn more!

Port City Peal head and Matching Port city 1×12 cab. In mint condition. These heads are give some of the best clean tones around. They excel at taking pedals a. So guys to add to this thread i had a gig with mark V and a Port city 2×12. I had killer tone and it cut through the mix like a knife. Im always gonna be a celestion guy but damn that cab sounded good. Ive never had so much clarity out of a cabinet. Guitar players and people who build guitar amps sometimes, just need to stay away from speakers.

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port city guitar cabinets 3Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Port City Guitar Amplifier Cabinets at Guitar Center. Most orders are eligible for free shipping! All Reeves cabinets are constructed of finger jointed 3/4 marine birch plywood. Finally, there is the perfect option for a simple, clean, mid-wattage guitar amp all in a cabinet that doesn’t require a roadie. Port City 2×12 OS Vertical Wave Guitar Cabinet in eBay. Port City 2×12 OS Wave Vertical – Unloaded. The Port City Wave cabinets are totally unique in their appearance however, the magic of this cabinet lies within. Has anybody tried to build a cab like the port city ones?

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The real surprise and reason for this post was found at Port City Amps booth. Here in NC and in the guitar community, Port City is a known name for fantastic tube amps. The Cabs from Reeves Amps, and Port City are very well done.