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Using a square cardboard box to make a portable chair. Necessary Materials: a square box made of cardboard, extra cardboards, a ruler, a scissor, a tape 1. -The first lightest portable paper chair in the world -Inner structure of bearing up to 780times of its weight -Men and women easily keep and use -Too easy to use -Easy to disuse and save the resources by recycling -Patent product. New product Chair in the Box uses corrugated cardboard for a portable chair.

portable cardboard chair 2The FlexibleLove chair is made from recycled cardboard and recycled wood waste and can be stretched to seat up to 16 people. Transcript of Cardboard Chair Project. Design and build a cardboard chair, made of cardboard and glue only, that will comfortably support a 150-lb person. Have a seat and a backmust be at least 16 from the floormust be portable must be comfortable to sit in Key TermsBeam: a supporting member that transfers weight from one location to anotherCenter of gravity: the single point in an object that gravity pulls onCompression: a force that presses or pushes towards an object’s center. Some of their cardboard chairs are foldable and portable to be used in parks and other public spaces. Some are designed to be used as a chair, table, and storage unit all in one.

If that doesn’t satisfy your cardboard furniture design needs, head over to Cardboard Furniture’s YouTube channel, which details how to make different cardboard pieces such as this corner bookshelf. Watch this video hosted by Graffiti Research Lab in NYC and learn how to create a portable chair for free out of post office boxes. Pop-up books brought a complex and seemingly hi-tech three-dimensionality to otherwise 2D volumes for the entertainment of children. Likewise, this all-in-one. Furniture commission for private client – Paris Showroom.


portable cardboard chair 3A lightweight, sturdy baby high-chair made from recycled cardboard, easily flat-packed and slipped out of site. Mini Cardboard Chair Kit (Ages 4+): Children can decorate and assemble their very own cardboard chair. I wouldn’t classify it as portable, but it is certainly smaller than most chairs. Flat-Pack Furniture: Eco-Friendly Cardboard Chair Designs. Cardboard Furniture – www.designboom.com. 0. Portable Cardboard Stool paper Pinterest. It Slices, It Dices: Perfect Perch; Portable, Cheap, Lightweight, Green Seating. Perfect Perch, which might just prove that thecardboard chair is really coming back, is in production now; contact James through the site for more info. Stand Expo proposes a recycled cardboard chair specially designed to welcome customers during an event. Easy to assemble, fully recyclable and conveniently portable, cardboard furniture and accessories are now a chic design statement as well.

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I expect that they will not buy the chairs like those that follow, but maybe in other public areas even in case of emergency you might find a real business. Therefore the Turkish designer named Erdem Selek has seen fit to create a portable cardboard stool in two colors, light, Obviously, environmentally friendly and strong considering that can sustain a person 90 kg, It seems a wonder of science and technology also considered the fact that you can use everywhere and there is no need for glue or tape of any kind.