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Post and rail fences come in a variety of styles from fairly basic and functional to those with ornate posts and caps. Classic wood post and rail fences are the most common and are appreciated for their traditional good looks. Previous PostThe Flowchart to Finding Your Perfect Fence. The line represents where the top rail will intersect each post and should fluidly trace the terrain. There are three basic types of post-and-rail fences distinguished by the shape and design of their posts. The fence and the way you install it depends on whether the posts are square, round or pre-mortised.

post and rail fence design 2How to Build a Simple Split-Rail Fence. Drive stakes into the ground a few feet past each corner or end post, and connect them with mason’s string tied 12 inches above grade. Jacksons Fencing provide a full range of post and rail fencing from modern to traditional styles and also electric fencing options. When you factor in all the different styles of fences and functions as well there are truly limitless amounts of fencing options available. These are what split rail fence posts look like if you buy them today.

The post and rail paddle fence is ideal for use around parks, playgrounds, riding rings, golf clubs, parking lots, pastures and farms. The durable and strong design is resistant to abuse, which makes it the current choice of many municipalities. Capped post and rail fences, an outgrowth of earlier styles, go well in contemporary settings. Close rail spacing increases privacy, alternate widths add interest, and the cap rail strengthens the structure. This design is excellent for perimeter fencing, because the rails flow with the terrain. Painting a post & rail fence can create a look of rural life and simple elegance.

How To Build A Simple Split-rail Fence

Even a clumsy do-it-yourselfer can build a cedar split rail fence, says Denis Grignon. There are more than several styles of rail fences, too, some more time-consuming to construct than others, but none really insurmountable. If you’re wary of digging post-holes, a snaked fence may be the way to go. 2 m) high, and in some places, the height and construction of fences designed to hold livestock is mandated by law. By securing the rails using this method it will ensure the fence is constructed with a strong design. A large variety of durable vinyl fence styles let you accent, protect, or add privacy to your home while beautifying your property for years to come. Post and rail fence is an excellent choice for residential, equestrian, and light commercial applications. Half round post and rail fencing is constructed in a similar way to the square cut design except that the rails are half round and the posts are either full round or half round. A fence is a structure that encloses an area, typically outdoors, and is usually constructed from posts that are connected by boards, wire, rails or netting.

Paddle-style Post And Rail Fence

Boundaryline 3-Rail is our premium Post&Rail fencing system; a great timber fence for any landscape. Our standard post size is 125mmsq but you can choose posts up to 300mmsq and rails are 1.800m long. The fence is designed to be 900mm out of the ground and matching gates are also available. In keeping with the rustic simplicity of the fence design, split rail fences are typically installed by setting the posts with tamped soil and gravel instead of concrete footings (frost heave is generally not a concern with this fence, since the joints allow for plenty of movement).