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Postbox lets you isolate tasks so you can work quickly and efficiently without interruption. Tackle what’s important right now using the real-time filters of Postbox’s innovative focus pane. Postbox 3 is a superb, and inexpensive, upgrade for those who want more out of their email client than Apple’s Mail provides. Second, Postbox can import your accounts from Apple Mail, getting you up-and-running very quickly. 2 gmail account, 1 hotmail account, 3 yahoo and 1 work account.

postbox 3 2Postbox for Mac’s streamlined interface and automatic syncing to existing accounts makes it a good e-mail manager. Wasted 3 hours – no support, no dedicated user forum. Postbox 3.0.7: Gmail style mail client based on Thunderbird. A dedicated email client is not something that is seen as being quite as essential as it used to be, largely because most web-based email services have dramatically improved.

Postbox 4.0.6 BETA with OAuth2 support in Gmail is ready for testing. Postbox has tight Gmail integration, including support for Gmail labels and important message indication, but it also works great with any other email service you want to add. In Postbox, the folders appear in another box under all of the e-mail accounts. I looked through the 10-15 of them that were created for Postbox 3 (current version) and they didn’t add much.

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We’ve tracked the progress of the Postbox email client for a while now, and it keeps getting better. Postbox — an evolution of the Mozilla email client — c. POSTBOX Coupon Codes. Details: Get 20 off one copy of Postbox 3. Postbox 3: Northway. In Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Join now to view geocache location details. It’s free! Sign upLogin. Best alternative mail apps for Mac: Airmail, Postbox, Inky, and more! 3- Mail pilot: Very good looking as long as you do not open the source column. Postbox lets you spend less time managing messages and more time getting things done. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3. Mocka Post Box 3 – retro styling makes these replica designer units stand out from the crown. Stylish but practical with three storage compartments.


Postbox has released version 3 of its eponymous email client, adding numerous Gmail, social networking, and integration features. Mocka Post Box 3 – replica 1960s cylindrical design. Unique storage option for modern decor. Statement piece that is practical. 3 compartments with doors.