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A vote for Airmail 2 here. I like the interface much more (Postbox looks a lot like, Airmail is very can have a full view or get minimalist and just have it list messages), and Airmail supports Exchange, my primary email account is through a hosted Exchange service. Compare Email Clients: Postbox vs Airmail. In this side by side comparison, find features which are most important for you to make the best decision. Airmail is awesome, and it’s my daily drive on the Mac.

postbox vs airmail 2I’ve tried them all; Airmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, Unibox, (I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to email). And I keep coming back to Postbox – in my opinion it’s simply the best email client out there. What I liked about Postbox vs Thunderbird:. It also lacks a couple of the innovative features that exist in Postbox (our runner up), but it’s still a great email app overall. I think OS X for Yosemite is a pretty good Gmail client. The one big problem is that one must download the entire archive, though there is an option to omit automatic attachment download.

Unlike Postbox, Airmail doesn’t provide any canned screenshots, and I do have to be careful not to inadvertently reveal confidential information or breach the privacy of anyone emailing me, so there are fewer screengrabs than usual in this review. The winner is Airmail, with Outlook coming in as a close second. You nominated Polymail, Airmail, Postbox, Nylas N1 and Unibox. Postbox and Mail Pilot are a couple of good options, and Airmail, which I’m looking at today, has had good reviews as well.


This Airmail review is listing all the important features that I consider just my first impression. Despite Postbox having awesome integration with Evernote, my computer resources and battery being unnecessarily heated, I had to take some precautions in preserving the battery of my MacBook Air. Photo Screen Comparison between iPad Air 2 vs iPad Pro 9.7 inch. PostBox took Thunderbird and made a pretty sweet email app. AirMail is probably the best choice as its interface is very polished, integration to Mac services and Gmail are superb, and it just works. What Postbox 4 does is completely replace your Apple Mail application. Speaking of Airmail, it is a more attractive email application than Postbox. We found Postbox easy to setup and more reliable than Mail when working with Gmail, which is handy at the moment. Bloops’ AirMail is a light Mail app with a clear interface and good support for Gmail. Airmail 2 supports more Mac app integrations than any other email app you’ll find. Airmail 2.5 Mac App Review: Organization is key when managing multiple email accounts.

Review: Airmail, An Exceedingly Pretty But Gmail-centric Alternative To Apple Mail

I used Sparrow for years, and ended up having to switch to Airmail. Tried Postbox too, and after a week or two I’m absolutely loving a completely different email client: Unibox. I tried Postbox, Airmail, and Mail Pilot, and MailPlane. Looking at how Airmail stacks up for a loving user. For me Airmail versus Mail is a really tough call, and I think I need to wait until both apps are official Yosemite apps to decide. Postbox is a an email client that takes inspiration from other clients such as Mail for Mac and Thunderbird. You can connect multiple accounts to Airmail, including Gmail, Yahoo and AOL; iCloud synchronization is supported. I’m currently using the paid version of Airmail with my iMac and Cloudmagic with my Android phone and my iPad. It’s a tough decision for sure as while I do think Airmail is a big improvement over Mac Mail, it could be more simple-looking and intuitive.