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The mirrored windowpanes on these doors are decorative wall art when closed, and are designed to conceal a TV screen when its not in use. Antiqued mirror glass. Our versatile Logan Media Suite with Towers has. A beautiful option for keeping media under wraps, our cover hides a wall-mounted TV when not in use. 110 wide x 44 high x 4.75 deep Fits most 60 TVs. Pottery Barn Gallery Frame TV Cover: 61 long x 7 deep x 43 high; Fits up to 60 TV;

pottery barn hidden tv 2Mirror Cabinet Media Solution Pottery Barn – this is too small for our tv. could we have one built to fit? See more about Hidden Tv, Pottery and Pottery Barn. Rolling Cabinet Barn Doors for TV Cover Pottery Barn. We had an electrician install the TV here and hide the wires in the wall.

Pottery Barn is a United States-based upscale home furnishing store chain with retail stores in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Mexico and Australia. Pottery Barn is referenced a number of times in the US TV Show Friends, for example when Rachel buys furniture for Phoebe’s house (which she is staying in at the time), and claims that it’s all authenticly old furniture, it’s actually all from Pottery Barn. Looking to hide your TV wires and cable box. Here’s four easy DIY tricks for concealing all of those ugly cables & cords for less than 75. If the DIY route is a bit too advanced for you, check out Pottery Barn’s easy-to-install TV cover solution. Doubling as a diptych photo frame, its clean lines will hide your TV when it’s not in use while also letting your favorite memories take center stage.

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Learn to build your own DIY Pottery Barn-inspired media console. Those aren’t real drawers, it’s a flip-down cubby! I certainly could have placed all the media components on the bottom shelf, but my wee ones are inexplicably drawn to flashing lights and buttons, so I decided to hide them away, out of sight, out of mind. Until I saw that episode, I always assumed Pottery Barn was just a place that sold, you know, pottery. The purpose of the poster behind Monica’s TV set was to hide a hole in the wall that cameras often filmed through. Pottery Barn Media Cabinet Armoire TV Stand Gaming Console Beadboard Espresso in Home & Garden, Furniture, Entertainment Units, TV Stands eBay. The mirrored windowpanes on these doors are decorative wall art when closed, and are designed to conceal a TV screen when it’s not in use. Made of mango wood wi. The Remaining GOP Candidates As Pottery Barn Furniture. With rounded edges and an adjustable-width mechanism cleverly hidden beneath the lip, the perfectly square Christie, along with the matching Governor Chairs, cuts no corners. Anyone seeking an affordable, readymade solution for a hidden tv need look no further than Pottery Barn. The Gallery Frame TV cover measures 61 x 43-inches.

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Sawdust 2 Stitches built this Pottery Barn knockoff hidden compartment for firearms, but with a little modification, it could hide your TV instead! (tutorial here). Our Best Hide The TV In Plain Sight TricksHow to Hide Cable Box in Rented Space?.