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Project Amp Box DS Stereo Power Amplifier The Amp Box DS is a powerful stereo amplifier with audiophile qualities that will carry large speakers with ease. The sound output from the Amp Box DS is full of warmth, power and colour, without giving a digital sound. Pro-Ject Amp Box S Stereo Power Amplifier199.00. The Project Amp Box is a unique, stereo power amplifier. The Amp Box’s ultra-compact dimensions contain an efficient, digital, 2 x 20 watt power amplifier stage, delivering a clean signal to your speakers. Sound quality is aimed to be as close as possible to Class A tube amplifiers with their liquid and lifelike presentation. The Amp Box S is micro-sized and therefore allows easy placement and can be switched on & off remotely via a trigger signal.

pro ject amp box s 2Ultra compact & audiophile. advanced amplifier module. More power and further improved performance. Stereo input (RCA). Gold plated speaker sockets. Compact integrated stereo amplifier from Pro-Ject. The Stereo Box S achieves both a sound quality and SPL output that is impressive for its small size. Designed around a Bi-Phase PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) digital amplifier circuit, the Stereo Box S achieves a remarkable 80 operational efficiency and a highly dynamic 30 watts per channel output into 4 ohms. The Pro-Ject Stereo Box S is a tiny thing, but it’s big enough to bring desktop speakers to life!

The Project Amp Box Stereo is a compact yet powerful stereo power amplifier, designed to be paired with the Pro-Ject Pre Box in a complete Box system, the smallest separates available. Pro-Ject (Project) Amp Box S Stereo Power Amplifier – Silver in Sound & Vision, Home Audio & HiFi Separates, Amplifiers & Pre-Amps eBay. ProJectAmp BoxSProJect Amp Box SMonofeaturesan ultra highefficiency BiPhase PWM Pulse Wave Modulation circuit with SMD parts incorporates 35 years of RampD and gives outstanding audio performance while staying.

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pro ject amp box s 3Pro-Ject Amp Box S Mono – showing prices. Compare Power amplifiers side by side.

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