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How small can a CD player be? Pro-ject Projectbox CD player review. Pro-Ject CD Box S CD Player. Compact, Powerful, and Accurate Pro-Ject CD Box S CD Player Delivers Incredible Realism and Outstanding Accuracy. CD Box S. The CD Box S (as well as bigger CD Box DS model) from Pro-Ject Box Design has been created exclusively to play Red Book, standard audio CDs.

pro ject cd box s 2Pro-Ject CD Box DS The higher-end alternative to the introductory CD Box. This unit boasts attributes way above it’s physical size and attractive price point. PRO-JECT AUDIO CD BOX DS CD player Rating: First impressions: I will always look on Pro-Ject gear favourably for the simple fact that the first turntable I ever purchased was its Debut II Phono. Project CD Box S CD Player from Superfi’s extensive range of hi-fi separates chosen by in-house experts, all with our price beat promise.

Pro-Ject (Project) CD Box S CD Player – Black in Consumer Electronics, Portable Audio & Headphones, Personal CD Players eBay. Tuotekuvaus. Pro-Ject CD Box S on pienikokoinen, korkealaatuisesti viimeistelty, erinomaisella nenlaadulla varustettu kauko-ohjattava CD/SACD-soitin. ,, Standby power consumption: 1 watt.,, 9V/2.000mA DC; 220 – 240V, 50Hz.,.

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