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Pro-ject’s entry level headphone amplifier. A highly respected piece of kit, now benefiting from improved aesthetics. The Head Box S allows you to enjoy your music in the comfort and privacy of your own headphones. Industry Reviews. Project Headbox S Headphone Amplifier from Superfi’s extensive range of hi-fi separates chosen by in-house experts, all with our price beat promise. I was in search of an affordable headphone amplifier to follow my review of the 799 Musical Fidelity M1HPAP. When really getting down to serious listening with the Pro-Ject Head Box DS I connected it to the record-output of the preamplifier in my main system that has a digital front end that uses a Dell Studio XPS 3.

pro ject head box s review 2Project Headbox S Headphone Amplifier Available in black or silver Pro-Ject Head Box S Dedicated Headphone Amplifier. Reviews. Hi-Fi News Appraises Pro-Ject Head Box S with Outstanding Product Award. LAB REVIEW. Conventional outputs found on most audio equipment and computers are not optimized for headphone usage. The Head Box S converts any audio output into a high quality headphone signal meant for natural dynamics, transparency and pure audiophile enjoyment. Head over to /r/VinylCollectors to do that. Post a review! We can’t get much information from just photos. Scratch the idea of buying anything from Pro-Ject with a DAC or ADC.

Although the Denons are easier to drive than most at (32ohms impedance)they have benefitted greatly from the addition of my Project Headbox S headphone amp. Pro-Ject Pre Box Preamplifier and Head Box II Headphone Amplifier Review. Pro-Ject Audio Systems celebrates its 20th year in 2011. Read and write user reviews for the Pro-Ject Head Box S on CNET.

Pro-ject Head Box S Dedicated Headphone Amplifier

I’m very happy with the Grados, but would the Project Head Box linked to my amp help headphone performance. For Sale Project HeadBox S Headphone Amp. Pro-Ject’s Head Box S headphone amplifier offers class-leading sound quality and practical configuration in a compact desktop box. Pro-ject Head Box S is the latest version of this stunning little headphone amplifier, designed to give your headphones the drive they need to sound better than when plugged into any standard headphones socket. Write a Review. Pro-Ject Head Box II Headphone Amplifier head phone amp project pro ject vinyl record deck Pro-Ject Head Box Headphone Amplifier Pro-Ject Head Box S Headphone Amplifier. The Unique Selling Proposition of the Pro-Ject Head Box SE is obvious at once: two outputs, each with their own volume control. Entry level amps like the ProJect Head Box II don’t drive the HD650 with enough authority. S’up to you, really. But go and use your OWN ears first.

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Pro-Ject HeadBox S (black) – Headphone Amplifiers – headphone amp low-distortion headphone amplifier,gold-plated stereo RCA audio inputs and outputs. Would one of these project boxes make a big difference? Before I bought my Beyerdynamic T50OP headphones I had a pair of the NS 1000 headphones. In all honesty I found them poor quality not at all what I read in reviews which goes to prove reviews are not always right. (2011-09-12 10:09)wolster Wrote: I have the Pro-Ject Headbox II. User(s) browsing this thread: 1 Guest(s).