Pro Ject Tuner Box Sample Plans PDF

The Tuner Box can be switched on & off remotely via a trigger signal. It has a very solid full sound with a clear, non-hashy top end like you’ll hear with some lesser tuners. Not sure what to make of Pro-Ject’s claim of a 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 1dB frequency response. Shop for Pro-Ject Tuner Box S, online at ListenUp. Find information and holiday deals on Pro-Ject products in electronics.

pro ject tuner box 2Dcouvrez l’offre Tuner Pro-Ject TUNER BOX S BLACK avec Boulanger. Retrait en 1 heure dans nos 125 magasins en France.

Pro-ject Tuner Box S Black Chez Boulanger

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