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If you really want to get the best spray-on bed liner possible, you need to ask your installer questions about their surface preparation procedure. I have experience with many truck caps & Line-X liners and there will be no problem getting the truck cap to seal properly. While durable and versatile, Spray-On Truck Bed Liners have their share of problems, as well. For one thing, once applied they are permanently bonded to your bed. I bought my 2012 Dmax 4.5 months ago. I had Line X put a bedliner in it. Yesterday I noticed a bubble in it and it peeled right up. From what I’ve.

problems with spray-on bedliners 2My second Tundra,a 2008, has no problems with the spray-in liner either. Which kind of bed liner should you use, a spray on or a drop in? Drop in bed liners offer a quick and convenient solution to your protection problems. See what bedliner is right for your diesel truck, drop-in or spray-in, check out what Rhino Linings, Line-X, and Penda Corp have to offer in this month’s issue of Diesel Power Magazine!.

I have noticed that pretty much all talk of spray in bedliners is centered around Line-X. No problems. And this is the second truck I have had Line-X in. Spray-in Bed Liners. Do you have a custom truck, or a drop in liner simply doesn’t exist for your ride? No problem! With a spray-on bed liner, creating a custom coating is as easy as hosing down the bed and waiting for the layer to set. Compare truck bedliners, including spray in, paint on, roll on, drop in, plastic and slide in truck bed liners. Just type in spray on bedliner peeling or spray on bedliner problems.

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Some guys have problems with the Lin X peeling off, due to the fact that they dont sand properly, if at all. I had LineX done and when they took the plastic liner off my tailgate to spry it, they stripped every single screw hole when they re-installed the plastic tail gate cover. I had LineX with Xtra sprayed the bed, rails, and rockers on my 2008 Ram 2500 on October 30th 2008, and here we are 6 years later, the rockers still look like it was sprayed on yesterday, and the bed hasn’t seen any corrosion damage what so ever. Mitch, (I think thats his name) was amazing and not only helped me with my original problem, he bent over backwards to help me with the price on a Line-X bedliner for my truck. I am looking for comparisions of the leading spray-on truck bedliner manufacturers(Rhino Linings, Line-X, ArmorThane, etc. We did have a problem with two liners peeling up but it was because of surface prep problems and the installer fixed them right away, no charge. While there are many manufacturers of bedliners, for this story we looked at the warranties for some of the more popular optons; spray-in, drop-in, and hybrid bedliners. But if you mess up a bedliner job, you’ve got problems. (888) 477-6839 Clear Spray on Truck Bed Liners – Bed Liner Spray Equipment – Bed Liner Material.

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I also realize that unless I put on running boards or mud flaps this problem will continue. Has anyone used LineX bed liner for this purpose? We cover all aspects of truck bed spray on, whether factory replacement, fully customized, replacement parts or full installation, we do it all! After considerable research we decided not to offer Spray in Bed Liners for the following reasons. Compounding the problem, the vehicle paint has to be scuffed to get the spray-on material to adhere to the truck bed. LINE-X of Colorado Springs is your source for the best spray on bedliner and truck accessories. Our vast array of chemicals solve the difficult and expensive problems of rust, corrosion and chemical containment on wood, concrete and metals.

By comparison, a spray-on bedliner, is installed simply by preparing the surface and then coating it with a protective material that will protect the truck s bed for the lifetime of the truck. Once the bedliner is installed, you should expect it to provide maximum resistance to dents, scratches/scrapes, damage caused by trapped water, and other potential problems.