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So, today we are going to introduce you to the Coupe Sofa designed by Greece-based furniture manufacturers Proteas. It provides you an innovative, quick and reliable solution to save your time as well as space by turning a sofa into a bunk bed in just 14 seconds. Made by Greek furniture company, Proteas, the double-duty living room article starts out as a regular, unassuming couch, ready to sit up to three people while they watch Under the Dome on CBS. Tiny House Furniture: Sofa to Bunk Bed in 14 Seconds. If you’re thinking about living in a tiny house, or even just downsizing to a smaller house, you’ve probably been thinking about space saving tiny house furniture And today I wanted to show you this sofa that converts into a bunk bed in just a few seconds.

proteas furniture usa 2The Proteas Coupe sofa looks like a regular sofa, but it can be converted into bunk beds complete with a ladder and a safety rail for the upper bunk in seconds. Furniture company Clei are selling the unique product (pictured), known as the Doc Sofa Bunk Bed, for 2,924. Stylish, soft, and seriously convenient, the Protea click clack sofa bed is the ultimate space-saving addition to your home. Furniture, Bedding & Outdoor Superstores.

A piece of furniture that can double as an ottoman and a coffee table is infinitely more useful to someone starved for space than a piece that only accomplishes one of those goals. Proteas GR via YouTube, WHO, Slate, and When Mark Eisen created the look of the protea bottles, he was driven by a desire to fuse usability with his design aesthetic in order to create something that was both beautiful and sustainable. A similar philosophy has made IKEA the world’s largest furniture retailer, so it was a natural fit for protea to be there this week when Apartment Therapy the website that helps people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy hosted a Design Evening with IKEA’s Peter Klinkert. Our Pincushion Protea and Succulent Terrarium boasts an arrangement of beautiful, realistic protea and suc. Assembled in the USA of imported goods.

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With its long history and good looks, Protea nitida is a gem in the fynbos world. It is the only Protea species to form large trees yielding usable timber. The wood was popular for the manufacture of ornamental furniture. Timber Press, U.S.A.; Williams, I. & Codd, L.E. Flowering Plants of Africa 39: pl. Wistful grasses accented with feathers and proteas in a lovely resin pedestal vase. When it comes to shopping for furniture, we know that first-hand experience is important in helping you make an informed decision about the item you are purchasing. Features: -Container material: Glass. -Container Style: Tall Rectangle with Seashells. -Cleans easily with a duster or dryer on cool setting. -Made in the USA. This faux Natural Protea adds instant drama displayed in an empty vase or tucked into a full bouquet. Best of all, it’ll look fresh year-round. Set of 3. Imported. They say that the King Protea (Protea cynaroides) is actually the easiest. Hi we are glad you are here! welcome to Accent of Proteas online shopping. review low prices products of Accent of Proteas for sale.

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