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50 May 12 Tall File Cabinet 58 ht. X 28 depth 50 (Diamond Bar) pic hide this posting restore this posting. image 1 of 5.. I’ve shared several Craigslist finds over the last few months, but haven’t shared one of my favorites. My Ikea PS cabinet was one of my first Craigslist finds after moving into my apartment last spring. Proven Ways to Find Jaw-Dropping Designer Deals on Craigslist. Victoria Solomon: Craigslist is definitely best for case goods like tables, cabinets, chests, or desks. PS: Do you have any tactics for getting the seller to commit to you?

 ps cabinet craigslist 2AT reader Toni transformed a wood cabinet she scavenged into a cool bar cabinet birthday present for her husband, who is also a beer brewer for Pyramid Breweries in Portland. Inspired by this Eddie Ross makeover, Toni scoured craigslist for the perfect starter piece for her project. P.S. They both have flot stomachs. 5. No curio cabinets. Found this IKEA PS Cabinet on Craigslist. I definitely went through an IKEA phase. It doesn’t hurt to have some Ikea pieces here and there, but I don’t want my room to look like a page out of the Ikea catalog.

Last year when I was gearing up for The Hoard Sale I found a listing on Craigslist for 2 card catalogs. PS. If you want to see a photo of it, I just posted it on instagram and tagged you. About 15 yrs ago our library was selling the exact catalog cabinet for 25 and my husband said what are you going to do with it? I wanted it for mittens and no I listened to him and did not buy it. See the red hot goods we found on Craigslist today! xo In Nashville, Tennessee – Rustic Foyer / Accent Table in Red – 60 In Springfield, Virginia – Red. Queens, New York Ikea PS cabinet (red metal locker room style) 80. These Ikea PS cabinets are few and far between on Craigslist, believe me – I’ve been checking a couple of times a week. But as luck would have it, a woman who lives in my neighborhood was getting rid of this one, so Tony and I didn’t have to travel very far to pick it up.

Look! Toni’s Craigslist Cabinet Transformation

To repurpose it as kitchen cabinets, we would have to chop off six inches on both sides. I really think I am JUST as pleased with my Narnia photoshop as I am with the actual wardrobe when I showed Paul, I pretty much was falling over laughing and he was like yes. I’m looking at a Zero Blast cabinet locally on Craigslist, anyone have or use one? General Tool Discussion. The closest I could come to it was the Zero Blast BNP 55 Suction Cabinet, but it has a dry filter cabinet with it. PS: I’m a girl. PS-I must apologize for the lack of light in some of the pictures. The living room is one of the darkest rooms in the house and once I moved it in there I couldn’t ask the Hubby to move it back out so I went with what I had. ) cut to the same size and replaced it in a flash p.s. – please don’t look at my carpet that desperately needs vacuuming. Ok, the reveal – my craigslist sewing cabinet and sewing machine. Find great deals on eBay for IKEA Cabinet in Kitchen Cabinets. Shop with confidence. Remember, always conduct your Craigslist robberies in a safe, public area and nowhere near your victim’s gun cabinet. What if the gun cabinet is what’s advertised?

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