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Ok so I have been trying to improve my pull ups, and would really like to do them duly at home. I used to have an iron gym bar that worked, but after I moved I discovered that the trim on my door frames are to wide for it. The wider the doorframe (or even hallway) the more likely the telescopic bar is to bend under your weight. Will the doorway pull up bar fit your doorway Take a look at these standard size requirements to see if your doorway is suitable for a chin up bar.

pull up bar for wide door frame 2The most popular doorway pull up bar, the wide grips may not be usable as it’s too close to the door frame but it’s a great cheaply priced doorway bar with many thousands of satisfied customers. Best Doorway Pull Up Bars – This Guide will Help You to choose best doorway pull up bars for you. Easy to Install: The best thing about this bar is that it can easily be installed in most of the residential door frames and walls without damaging them. You may start with narrow position and switch towards the wide position after some time. Knowing the dimensions of your doorways/hallways is essential to ordering the right pull-up unit. When the makers of the door-frame leverage bars advertise that their product fits doors 24 to 32 inches wide, they are measuring based upon the width of the gap in the doorframe.

Here the best over door jamb pull up bars out there that can be used for chin ups and other workouts. It’s ideal for deal for pull ups, push ups, chin ups, dips, crunches, and more, and allows a three grip position for wide, neutral, or narrow workouts. These deep frames are often incompatible with the commercial chin-up bars. Depot to pickup some pipe straps and a small piece of wood for a door brace, and you’re not too far from the cost of an off the shelf, Wal-Mart brand pull up bar. THICKEST heavy-gauge steel (1.6 mm thick), LONGEST (42 Long), & HEAVIEST BAR on the market, support up to 300 lbs; Can fit door way from 28 – 36 door wide.

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pull up bar for wide door frame 3I just bought an iron gym pull up bar and was excited about the prospect of using it. However, I find that my door is too wide for it to safely stay on the door. Has anyone used the iron gym extensions before? Would they be recommended?. Does not fit many walls and doorwaysnot wide enough for handicap-accessible doors, for example. Just be sure to read the weight limits and other fine print on the package before buying. Verify that your door frame trim is thick enough and the Bar fits the door opening width.As with the Doorway Pull-Up Bar, if you are tall you have to bend your knees during the workout. There are two different types of pull up bars that fit in your door frame. They are as follows:. If your doorway is not very wide, these bars will not bend at all because there is less leverage. If you are close to this weight limit, I would suggest going for a leverage type chin up bar. The bar offers an extra wide pull up as well as grips to allow for a variety of angles to work lats from every conceivable angle. The Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Door Frame Pull Up Bar is an impressive unit that ticked all of our requirements, including not leaving any footprint on the door jamb. Buy Pro Fitness Push Up and Pull Up Set at Argos.co.uk, visit Argos.co.uk to shop online for Fitness accessories.

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Home fitness chin up bar pull up bar chrome gym home training exercise door frame mounted. Pull up bar home made very strong about 100mm wide it have put a hole in the side of the bracket so you can hang a boxing bag off of the side of it. The Door Frame Leverage or Over the Door Pull Up Bars which work by going over the top of your door frame with your body weight causing the bar to push against the wall from both sides of the door frame meaning that the whole pull up bar stays in place. Not only can you use the Shamrock for pull ups, both wide a narrow grips, but you can also use the dip bar attached for dips and with a couple of additional straps, start to use the unit for a full body workout.