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I used to have an iron gym bar that worked, but after I moved I discovered that the trim on my door frames are to wide for it. I measured the trim and it’s six inches wide. Doorway pull up bar with the widest grip available. Ceiling mounted, wall mounted and custom pull up bars are available. The UD6 has 1/2thick foam fulcrums that sit on your door frame to protect your trim. When the makers of the door-frame leverage bars advertise that their product fits doors 24 to 32 inches wide, they are measuring based upon the width of the gap in the doorframe.

pull up bar for wide door 2The other two grip positions are neutral and wide respectively. If yes, then you must buy ultimate body press joist mounted door pull up bar. The most popular doorway pull up bar, the wide grips may not be usable as it’s too close to the door frame but it’s a great cheaply priced doorway bar with many thousands of satisfied customers. These deep frames are often incompatible with the commercial chin-up bars.

Here the best over door jamb pull up bars out there that can be used for chin ups and other. It’s ideal for deal for pull ups, push ups, chin ups, dips, crunches, and more, and allows a three grip position for wide, neutral, or narrow workouts. Does anyone know where you can buy a extra long doorway pull up bar? the space is 115cm (46). Door frame pull up bars are one of the quintessential pieces of bodyweight equipment. DOOR PULL UP BARS (extends to fit doorframe).

Best Doorway Pull Up Bars

These are the top three pullup bars on Amazon.com under the Strength Training Equipment page here. Possible workouts for building strength with a doorway pull up bar. They do make a wide door pull up bar, but if you weigh over 200 pounds, these are going to bend in the middle which makes it harder to get your workout in. This pull up bar is adjustable, you can make if fit bigger or smaller door frames. Advanced Door Gym Pull up Bar SKU:PUB-D2-001 01. Fits standard residential doorways (32 to 36 inches wide) and supports up to 315 lbs Installs in seconds and uses leverage to hold against the door – no screws or damage to door. Build your upper body strength and learn to do pull ups the right way with the Perfect Pullup. This adjustable pull-up bar fits in any door frame 27 – 36 wide. The unit is also a breeze to put up and remove from your door frame. The bar offers an extra wide pull up as well as grips to allow for a variety of angles to work lats from every conceivable angle.

Top 5 Best Door Frame Pull Up Bars

Unfortunately it is my laundry room door, and it is almost too wide to use. Verify that your door frame trim is thick enough and the Bar fits the door opening width.As with the Doorway Pull-Up Bar, if you are tall you have to bend your knees during the workout. Over the door pull up bars can be temporarily set up by simply slipping them over the door frame as they require no screwing or drilling. It comes with 3 grip positions; wide, narrow and medium for better user customization and also ability to perform a variety of workouts. If you do not like to wedge your door frame with pull-up bar and you want the bar permanent on your wall or ceiling, you should consider CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up. The first one is its wide grip pull-ups due to its patented handles designed specifically for wider grip.

Best Doorway Pull-Up Bar -This complete guideline help you to choose best pull up bar. Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin-Up Bar is famous for its brand. Taller people, those close to 6’0 and above, will find that the wide grip of this bar is more a normal width pull up grip. We have compared wide range of pull-up bars and recommended best suitable pull up bar of year 2016 for you which would help you to set up your home gym. The design is adjustable and perfectly fits 27-35 wide door frames.