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What is a nightstand, anyway? Of course we all know what the pieces identified as nightstands at the furniture store look like: little tables, usually with a drawer or shelf. Use the nightstand as a decorative piece in addition to its sensible function as furniture. Nightstands are typically used for holding lamps and clocks, but you can also add other items to your bedside tables. Nightstand definition, night table. See more. What Is the Difference Between Discreet and Discrete?

purpose of a nightstand 2This is multipurpose furniture item with drawers, to store things in it. The main function of this nightstand is that, it is used to hold the night lamps for the bedsides, to allow the room look beautiful and the lamps add an art to the room. It doesn’t have to be a nightstand to serve the purpose of a bedside table. Vintage pieces (like this steamer trunk) can be beautiful substitutes for traditional bedroom furniture. 10 Words related to one night stand. The purpose of most guys at the bars.

Traditionally, the main purpose of bedroom nightstands was to contain a person’s chamber pot before the indoor flushing toilets were popularized. Early versions of nightstands are usually small cabinets that sometimes have a fitted drawer in it. A nightstand is a small table that is typically placed in a bedroom, often beside a bed, to hold small items such as lotion. A step-by-step guide to organizing and decluttering your nightstand. That’s fine, to an extent, but it means you need to go through and declutter this space regularly and have very strict parameters about what is displayed on the top of your nightstand.

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The wardrobe to the left of the bed has a nightstand drawer, which is dual purpose (nightstand and storage) and two additional drawers for clothing, plus hanging clothes above. Winsome Basics 1 Drawer Nightstand also has a. Table’s classically simple silhouette blends dependable function with rural charm. Browse a variety of nightstand styles and order online. The exclusive designs combine function and beauty and, with proper care, provide many years of use. The main purpose of a nightstand is to be able to place our necessities by our bedside while we rest. A lamp, a glass of water, hand lotions, eyeglasses, etc. but we don’t want our nightstand to look messy nor ruin the surface. Erin Davis, a writer for Lies Young Women Believe, asks readers, what’s ON your nightstand? Former Evangelical Bruce Gerencser asks, what is IN your nightstand?. They’re going back and forth on a pair of nightstands for the be. There are other reasons for this design dilemma, sometimes a master bedroom doesn’t have the space for a matching set, or the preferences for the purpose to be served are different.

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Solid high quality kiln-dried lumber. Including solid wood drawer bottom (no veneer). Easy slide drawer slides to last and last. Rough cut lumber side panels for added character. When we bought our bedroom set, we only purchased one nightstand (note to self- ALWAYS buy them in a set when given the chance!) I always kept the nightstand on my side, but when I repainted it Brandon mentioned that he needed one. For many of us, bedside tables are all about function — a place to put a lamp, rest your glasses, store a book, keep some medicine, toss an eye mask, charge your cell phone, stack some magazines. It solves the purpose of the night stand and the drawer is well spacious.