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Order panic bars, latches, bolts and external access devices from the UK’s largest online fire safety retailer!. Emergency push pads with latches and bolts are for use on exit doors. We also sell a range of more general fire exit hardware, such as illuminated fire exit signs, outside access devices, key boxes and exit door alarms, so you can meet all of the necessary fire safety regulations, while ensuring that all emergency exits are secured against un-authorised entry. Alarm Lock 715 Delayed Egress Panic Alarm Device. Alarm Lock Sirenlock 700 / 710 Panic Exit Alarm Push Bar Device. Detex ECL-230D Alarm Panic Exit Control Lock. Brushed Chrome, Cylinder Type Rim, Arm Type Push Bar, Alarm Type.

push bar door alarm 2Push or panic bars go back to the early twentieth century, as the result of a number of serious fires in places of public entertainment. To prevent un-authorised use of a fire exit, a number of fire exit door security alarms are available. Door closing devices fitted to fire-resisting doors are required to perform one of two functions, dependent on whether or not a latch is fitted to the door. The acoustic fire door retainers then ‘listen’ for the sound of smoke alarms. Exidor 502 A-B/UD Push Bar Panic Bolt For UPVC Door. Delivery.

When a person approaches the door to exit, they press on the exit push bar. This causes the audible alarm to immediately sound, but does not unlock the door. Holmesd 5pts You can get CCTV on the fire exit doors that can be programmed to alarm if it sees someone walking the wrong way in the event of a fire activation, or basic door alarms that can be set up to detect directional traffic. Panic Exit Device Door Push Bar Rail Stainless Steel Latch Emergency Alarm Fire in eBay.

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Designed for single and double door applications. For double doors 2 units are needed one for each door, or you can look at our. The Emergency Bolt Company manufactures & supplies its unique Cooperbolt emergency door bolts & alarms and a range of security, fire & safety products. Available for use with double doors or for use with existing panic bars. Optional AC power supply. Requires standard RIM cylinder (not included).

Delayed-egress Locking Systems On Exit Doors