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Briton 1438E Single Door Push Pad. Briton 377 E Double Door Push Bar Set. Briton 378E Single Door Latch Bar. Briton Single Door Nightlatch Push Bar. Find great deals on eBay for Fire Door Push Bar in Door Locks and Latches. Shop with confidence. Fire Door Handles. If you are looking for fire exit panic hardware of the highest quality for the doors in your premises, then you have most certainly come to the right place.

push bar door handle 2Door Handles & Hardware Door Handles on Backplate. Exidor 296SD Push Bar Panic Latch To Suit Steel Door. Exidor 294A Adjustable Push Bar Single Panic Bolt for Steel Doors. Browse panic latches, door crash bars and emergency push bars. Single door push pad & push bar for timber single fire escape doors from 31.

All doors on escape routes leading towards a final exit should be quick and easy to open without the need for a key. In most situations this is the case; for instance, you simply operate the door handle of the door leading from an office and pass through. Push or panic bars go back to the early twentieth century, as the result of a number of serious fires in places of public entertainment. With the series PHA 2000 crossbar and the series PHB 3000 pushbar combined with the universally applicable PHT external fittings, DORMA is able to offer a range suitable not only for narrow stile doors but also timber and similar full-face doors. Panic can often occur during mass building evacuations caused by fires or explosions. In the event emergency exits are required, the crash bar works efficiently to allow people to pass through security doors without a reduction in speed. However a door handle can be mounted on the outside to create a two-way door. This allows the bar to be locked in a neutral (latch open) position, allowing the door to be freely opened from either side.

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push bar door handle 3882 / 882-W / 882L / 882L-W – 2/3 Point Locking Push Bar Panic Device. EN1125:2008 – Applies to PANIC APPLICATIONS where the exit door is used by the public and provides safe and effective escape through the doorway with minimum effort, and without prior knowledge of operation. Door push/pull handles are not fitted to the inside of doors with panic bars. 4. Double doors will as standard have a panic bar on each leaf. The Door Handle store is your one stop shop for a wide variety of designer door handles and accessories, with chrome, stainless steel, silver and more materials available. To use this device on a two-way door, either another type of door handle must be mounted on the opposite side, or the bar, itself, can be locked in a neutral (latch open) position, thus allowing the door to be freely opened from either side.

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