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Order Panic Bars, Exit Alarm Panic Hardware and Exit Devices at American Locksets. Panic bars are the push bars installed on exit doors to allow quick exiting of buildings. Lever and knob trims are grade 2 construction with optional clutch freewheeling mechanism. The photo shows the 40 year old panic bar door hardware on our church doors. We had a problem that left us wondering for a bit if we would need to buy new door hardware for 600, but solved the problem inexpensively. This view looks down on the mechanism from above. The cover has been removed from the mechanism. When considering making changes in an exit device, also known as a panic hardware or fire exit hardware, first be sure you understand why it is there and what effect any changes you make will have on code compliance, life safety and security. Life safety codes require the use of exit devices in specific situations, and most codes prohibit the use of any other lock or mechanism on the door that would prevent the use of the device or confuse the user. Hospital latches provide the same easy egress as the panic device but do not have a full-width bar.

push bar door mechanism 2A panic bar mechanism for an exit door having a frame with a stile, upper and lower lock rods vertically sliding in the stile, and a panic bar carried on levers pivotally mounted on the door frame. Touch bar exit devices are mounted on the egress side of the door. Touch bar exit devices feature an enclosed mechanism case with a push bar area to allow egress. The best ways to do this are: First; a touch sense plate or bar. The plate can be mounted anywhere that’s convenient, the bar installs across the door on the inside and through a process called capacitance, will activate the lock with just a touch to the plate.

Commercial door with a top and bottom lock with panic bar; and 2. This will break the interior mechanism holding the bolt horizontal, driving it downward and out of the latch and unlocking the door.

Patent Us5088786

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