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Wonder Woman: I am a huge Wonder Woman fan and was the RA for the all women s building. Door decorations, bulletin boards, advice, humor, inspiration and resources for professional and paraprofessional. Yesterday marked a year since I got offered an RA position at my university, and I’ve been reflecting a lot on my experience thus far. My RA gave us all Pokemon and Evolved them after the first quarter.

ra door decks 2Attached is a file link for the apples to apples template for door decs it is in Publisher format (you will have to download the file). The suggestion is to give your resident a red and a green card. With that in mind, here’s a list of things pretty much every R.A. wants to tell their residents. Really easy door dec. People enjoyed them! Print many per page (6 to 8 depending on the size), and write their name underneath it.

For my second year as an RA, I wanted to do something themed for my floor. This semester, Tony is my RA. This means he’s responsible for making our door-decks (aka name tags for the door). Several of the girls in my apartment don’t go by their proper names.

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