Railway Sleeper Fence Ideas Sample Plans PDF

It’s not necessarily about wanting to copy what you’ve done – more about being given great ideas and endless possibilities. Railway sleeper retaining walls are great alternatives to using bricks or stone. Hundreds of fabulous landscaping and railway sleeper ideas & photos to excite and inspire. How to use garden sleepers in the garden design and the landscape of the garden?

railway sleeper fence ideas 2Houzz.com – Railway Sleepers Garden design ideas and photos. Hard landscaping with reclaimed railway sleepers. This system works for sleeper walls up to 1200mm in height; anything higher than 1200mm needs to be designed by an engineer to take account of local ground conditions and loadings. If a series of sleepers is being used, as shown in the illustration above, then it’s a good idea to nail a lath or baton to the rear side, to keep the sleepers tight against their neighbours and properly aligned while the concrete haunching goes off. Old railway sleepers are used for retaining walls around the property.

Using Railway Sleepers as a retaining wall is a fantastic and innovative way to practically and aesthetically improve your garden. This attractive, yet highly functional material is a cheaper alternative to using bricks and breeze blocks. Get Garden Ideas from AVS and you will be one step away from transforming your outside space. In this section you will find some of the most popular garden ideas including the use of railway sleepers as planters and furniture. We do not sell any product for railway sleepers, but I personally just use Ronseal Fence life in Tudor Black – but you will have to try a bit and make sure it works for you.

How To Build A Retaining Wall From Railway Sleepers

Ambar Garden Designs have created some really interesting features from sleepers, curved sleeper walls, screening posts inlaid with copper, steps and giant benches. Has anyone had any experience with a vertical railway sleeper retaining wall? It sounded good but you could be right to be concerned about the idea. Is pictured with a 51 Inch Tv on it-this should give you and idea of the size. Railway sleepers form the walls of this extension to a library in Azkoitia, Spain, which is located at the town’s former railway station. Our project guides aim to give you an idea of the materials, tools and steps required to add decking, fencing and railway sleeper features to your garden or landscaping project. We supply wooden gates in Banbury, fencing, timber, railway sleepers, accessories and woodcare products. Railway Sleepers are used for garden design and many other practical uses.

How To Build A Retaining Wall From Railway Sleepers

Bricks, railway sleepers and rocks, these are too ordinary materials that we can find on a garden bed border easily. A gabion wall creates a dramatic feature in a garden:. Railway sleepers – UK Sleepers are the leading supplier of railway sleepers, new and reclaimed sleepers for your garden or home. Railway Sleepers use for garden design has evolved at a dramatic rate over the last few years and we have kept pace! You will now find everything from the good old traditional UK railway sleepers to reclaimed railwaysleepers in tropical hardwood that will probably last forever. At UK Sleepers, we supply stable, solid fencing suitable for all outdoor areas. Small retaining wall – ideas welcome posts from our gardening forum. Have you thought of railway sleepers or scaffold planks instead.