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Swing sets and playground equipment of all sizes for every budget. Use this section as a guide, but remember, nothing beats a visit to your Local Rainbow Playsystem Showroom. View Rainbow swing sets from all wooden swing sets to sturdy outdoor playsets made in America with the finest materials. Please Email Me a Price List View or Request a Catalog. View the Rainbow Play Systems Online Swing Sets Catalog.

rainbow swing set price list 2Does anyone have a Rainbow Direct Swing Set? Since we were also going to have to pay someone to install the thing I had to take that cost into consideration too. Rainbow Systems Swing Set (price reduced). 975.00. Closeout Models of Residential Play Sets at Rainbow Play Systems in Northeast Wisconsin. Springfree 8 ft. Round Trampoline – Call for Price (Reg. ).

Playground King of Florida has children’s swing sets, play sets, commercial playsets, trampolines, basketball hoops, adult hammocks, outdoor games, backyard playground equipment, rubber mulch, and more. Reviews you can trust on Rainbow Swing Set Superstore of Houston from Angie’s List members 5330 W Sam Houston Pkwy N Houston, TX. On Angie’s List Since: 4/5/2013. The Rainbow All-American Kingdom is a safe, affordable swing set for the All-American family. Not only does this swing set blend into your landscaping and complement your property, but is environmentally friendly. We’ll send you updates on price savings events, special offers, new items, in-club events, and more.

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Do any of these places negogiate on their prices? My kids wanted a swingset also and I priced out the Rainbow systems and found them too expensive. Swing Set Safety. Rainbow swing sets are the safest backyard play sets available. Rainbow has an endless amount of styles, shapes, play stations and prices. Yes, Rainbow has a commercial line that many business owners prefer. There is a never ending list of benefits that come from owning a Rainbow. Almost 30 years after CEO Greg Foster built his first swing set in his parents’ garage in Minnesota, Rainbow Play Systems is emerging from tough times. If Rainbow could make sets in China for that price, so could competitors, including some of Rainbow’s own dealers who broke rank and started using Chinese contract manufacturers to produce play sets for themselves. You’ll notice that buying a new swing set was not on my to do list. The next time someone tries to haggle me on my price moving a set I’ll have to direct them here so they see what they’re in for if they do it themselves!. As is normal – the prices have blown us away (but I think we’ll recover eventually) – and we did get a chance to look at the Rainbow and Backyard Adventure sets in person. We bought a rainbow swing set last year. I figure we only have about 3-4 years of swingset play left in our kids, so I really couldn’t justify the price of a cedar set in my mind. Anyone know if warrenties are honored if they are re-purchased at Craigs list?

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A Comparison Shopping Guide for Rainbow Play Sets. Backyard swing set discussion on the TexAgs Outdoors forum. I’ve looked at some of the national brands such as the Rainbow, Tree Frogs, etc. Receive Granite State Rainbow’s 2015 Redwood Price List by Email.