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Rainbow swing sets are constructed with commercial grade materials even though our Rainbow Play Systems are intended for residential use only. Rainbow’s Lifetime Warranty includes all Redwood wood components. Last April, I wrote about maintenance tips for redwood swing sets – and in that article I mentioned I would soon be rebuilding a good part of my set with fr. Last April, I wrote about maintenance tips for redwood swing sets and in that article I mentioned I would soon be rebuilding a good part of my set with fresh manufacturer’s redwood along with some new replacement swings. For me, it was a lifetime warranty on all wood pieces that could be shown to have any signs of rot or insect damage. I am assuming that yours is a Rainbow as well? From reading elsewhere, you pay hundreds of for replacement wood shipping and that DOES NOT include installation.

rainbow swing set replacement wood 2Have a redwood swing set that was eleven years old – and frankly was really starting to decay. RAINBOW PLAY SYSTEM SWING SET OUTDOOR 2 SWINGS RED AND BLUE. Overall Great condition..there are 2 wood boards that NEED TO BE REPLACED (see pictures). There are 2 wood boards that NEED TO BE REPLACED (see pictures). NEW Play Set Replacement Tarp for Rainbow Sunshine Castle. Ordered a 2,500 swing set 2 years ago from Rainbow swings in Columbia MD.

Does anyone have a Rainbow Direct Swing Set? The carpenter bees love this play set. My rainbow set is the type with the monkey bars where the swings are suspended from one side of the monkey bars. If I wanted to replace the rotted wood, the entire system would have to be disassembled as the main uprights (six 4 x 4 pieces) were becoming well rotted from the soil level. We offer a wide variety of swing set parts and swing set accessories at the lowest prices, guaranteed! Galvanized Ductile Iron Wood Beam Swing Hanger.

Restoring A Redwood Swing Set

rainbow swing set replacement wood 3Gorilla Playsets Set of 2 Green Rubber MatsGorilla Playsets Set of 2 Green Rubber Mats. What kind of wood does Rainbow use? I have a small yard can I still purchase a Rainbow swing set? Are there any weight limits on a Rainbow swing set? Maintaining a backyard wooden play set means many things: tightening bolts, sanding and re-staining the wood after a few years of wear and tear, ensuring that any damaged components are removed and replaced. I am looking for a replacement canopy for a rainbow playset that was given to me by a friend. A selection of residential swing set accessories for your backyard swingset and swing sets. Shop our selection of swing sets and swing set accessories for residential or commercial grade available in a variety of styles. Shop for Swing Sets, Trampolines, Basketball Goals & More. Reviews, Pricing and References to Rainbow Play Systems products, images and features may be used solely for comparison purposes.

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From Costco, Sam’s Club to Rainbow all look better and last longer when taken care of. I went back to Home Depot where I purchased it just to have them tell me they could REPLACE the product with more of the same product. When a family with six kids lives someplace long enough, stuff eventually wears out. That would be true for the canopy on our Rainbow Play System. We are planning on getting a wooden swingset for our back yard. He also built a nice set of stairs to replace the broken-down ladder that was original to the set. We have a rainbow playset we purchased through Costco three years ago. Backyard Discovery Montpelier Cedar Wooden Swing Set. If you want to continue to use the swing set as your child grows older, look for a set that allows you to easily replace infant or toddler seats with child seats.

My swing set is starting to look old and worn out.i was wondering what type of stain and what type of prep work, how many coats and what should i. There are three basic categories of outdoor wood stains: opaque, semi-transparent, and transparent. Then, I inherited a free Rainbow playset that I finished the same way. Replace wood stove with wood-burning FP? What is the weight and age limit on your swing sets and accessories? Do you sell replacement parts for Hedstrom, Rainbow, or other brands of swing sets? Most wooden swing set kits have pre-cut and pre-drilled lumber which makes assembly something most handy people are capable of putting together with the assistance of a helper or two. Buy Swing Set Accessories at Wayfair. Rope Tree Swing with Wooden Seat has a generously sized seat and sturdy thick rope. Replacement Tarp. I have a ripped Rainbow play system room that I can see from here. I’m sure a new one is the price of a small island, so I’ll be checking out your idea for mesh.