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All Rainbow play sets come stained with a 10-step water-seal process. This process will protect the equipment for a long time; however, it can not protect it fo See more about Stains, Time For Change and Rainbows. All of Rainbow’s hand-selected swing set lumber is sealed with our exclusive 10-step waterseal process. Many other wooden swing set companies use either unstained wood or lumber that has been wiped, brushed or dipped with stain which produces an uneven finish. Swing Set Annual Maintenance is important! Call us to maintain your Rainbow Playsets. In general, the sequential color change of a playset that is stained only one time will be a transition from the original reddish-brown color, to a lighter brown and then either to a gray patina or dark brown dependent upon climate and/or other factors.

rainbow swing set stain 2My swing set is starting to look old and worn out.i was wondering what type of stain and what type of prep work, how many coats and what should i. Then, I inherited a free Rainbow playset that I finished the same way. Not sure if it is okay to stain a wood playset? Learn tips and tricks for making a cedar playset look new. From Costco, Sam’s Club to Rainbow all look better and last longer when taken care of. We bought my daughter a Rainbow Swing Set about three years ago. Between the sun, rain, and wind it has faded over time. We finally decided it was time to re-stain the playground so that it would not get any worse.

We can restore your swing set and give it a second chance at life. We will power wash your playset and clean all accessories like, slide, swings, telescope, handles, ect. I’ve had Rainbow check bolts/screws and had them clean and stain. about 3 times since I bought it. 5th of Jul, 2011 by mumom +1 Votes i have had a less than stellar experience with the rainbow swing set i bought 2 years ago. the wood is warping badly and causing the swings to swing very crooked. All Rainbow play sets come stained with a 10-step water-seal process. This process will protect the equipment for a long time; however, it can not protect it forever. Rainbow play sets do not come with the ability to choose the color of stain used on. Any slides, tubes, and swings will need to be covered or removed with a screwdriver or socket set.

Swing Set Red Type Of Stain (washer, Refinish, Color)

We are planning on getting a wooden swingset for our back yard. So, here is my question: If you have wooden set: 1. How long have you had it? 2. After four years of strong sunlight, we had to re-do the redwood staining/sealing, but that’s all. We have a rainbow playset we purchased through Costco three years ago. Every wooden swing set looks great when you get it, but unfortunately because it is an outdoor product, they do not always stay that way. Sun, snow, rain and wind all weather wood over time and if it is not treated properly they can get, well, let’s face it, ugly. Reclaimed white oak center island porter reclaimed barn wood flexible epoxy wood repair filler woodworking armoire desk plans spirallyexo. Furniture From Wood. Playground King of Florida has children’s swing sets, play sets, commercial playsets, trampolines, basketball hoops, adult hammocks, outdoor games, backyard playground equipment, rubber mulch, and more. Thompson’s WaterSeal Waterproofing Stain provides complete outdoor wood protection. It waterproofs long after the initial water beading is gone. We picked this up to add some water-proofing to our kids new swing-set. As we found out that most of the time the treatment coating is only for color, not for weather-proofing. Rainbow Play Systems of Minnesota Inc. Swing Set Move Packages Include: -Take down swing set -Transportation to new location -In-yard consult on positioning/layout -re-build swing set -re-level swing.

Playset Maintenace. Water Sealing, Power Washing And Staining Swingsets

Backyard Playworld has sold and installed thousands of quality redwood and cedar play sets in Omaha, Lincoln, and the surrounding areas in Nebraska and Iowa. We move other brand of swings sets including Rainbow sets. A picture is required prior to moving set. Most of the swing set dealers such as Gorilla Playsets and Playnation,will provide recessed hardware so that there are no protruding bolts or screws, however, some of the hardware pieces may have small plastic caps on them to protect the ends. A wooden swing set will need a coat of stain or sealant as often as your wooden deck.