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Follow this step-by-step advice to find the woodstove of your dreams with the proper combustion system, heating capacity and style for your home. To choose a woodstove you’ll be truly happy with, you should also review some com mon features of woodstoves and consider how they will affect you during your day-to-day use of the stove. My old stove burned strong for years, but lacked the emissions standards claimed by Rais. This is an example of a modern living room with white walls and a wood stove. Above: From Denmark-based Rais, the Rondo Wood Stove is a modern classic. With the latest in air flow and combustion control technology, it offers the most heat output of the moderately sized Rais stoves.

rais wood stove reviews 2Description: The RAIS Arena stove is a wood stove that is aesthetically appealing with superior heating capabilities. It can dress up any living space with its beautiful design and its curved glass panoramic door. For me, based on practical aspects of woodburning and woodstove-as-art, some Danish Rais stoves would be up top. Definitely not the thing for the OWB crowd, or knuckle-draggers. I love the story of the RAIS wood-burning stove, originally developed in the early 1970s in Denmark. Historically, so many homes in the frigid Scandinavian countries were heated by wood burning stoves that air pollution was a major problem.

RaisStoves.com is your direct dealer for purchasing beautiful, efficient, and contemporary Rais wood stoves, Rais fireplace inserts, Rais gas stoves, Rais outdoor fireplaces, and accessories. We also took proud delivery of the gorgeous Rais Pilar stove, which now stands proudly in our Manchester wood burning shop you really must pop in and see it in action next time you re passing. These wood burning stoves really are too clever for their own good, whatever next wood burners that take their own ash out? You never know. Our customer google reviews really do speak for themselves when it comes to our service, and that s why people choose to buy a wood burning stove from us. Best Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts Reviews Interior Design – GiesenDesign. Fireplace design. Rais Wood Stove. Wood Fireplace Inserts San Francisco, California 94107 Okell’s Fireplace 415-626-1110.

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rais wood stove reviews 3Wood-burning stoves aren’t just for rustic cabins in the woods anymore, the timeless and energy-efficient heating system has worked it’s way into the modern home. RAIS Wood Burning Stoves. Gabo Wood – Soapstone Top. 690.00. It’s easier to heat a house with pellet and wood stoves. RAIS, Denmark-based HWAM and Cumberland Stove Works in Cumberland, Wis. Rais is a manufacturer of wood-burning stoves and stove accessories. From classical to the elegant or modern and minimalistic designs, these gorgeous wood stoves are made in many shapes and sizes. RAIS’ latest release a small, functional stove with a cubist look, Q-Tee is an ideal stove for a small room. With proven RAIS design features such as the air-cooled handle, double skin construction and sturdy closing system, this stove is suited for multifuel use as well as wood. There are no reviews yet. The List of EPA Certified Wood Heaters contains information about wood heaters that are in compliance with the 2015 New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) for New Residential Wood Heaters, New Residential Hydronic Heaters and Forced-Air Furnaces at 40 CFR Part 60 (Subpart AAA).

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The Rais Bando Soapstone shows-off true mastery of design that provides unbeatable heat retention by exploiting the natural qualities of soapstone.