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Soil amendments are mixed with soil to improve soil quality in raised beds. As to specifically what soil amendments do to the soil will depend on what kind of soil amendment you are using. Here are some tips for building productive soil for your garden beds and planters while there are some differences based on locale, these tips pretty much apply anywhere. Compost is the best amendment you can give your soil. It’s great for raised beds or to amend existing soil.

raised bed garden soil amendments 2The soil in raised beds is usually superior to that in row gardens in part because it never gets stepped on (much less subjected to the weight of machines) and therefore does not get compacted. Beyond that, filling beds usually becomes an opportunity to get high-quality soil and to fine-tune the mix of fertilizer and amendments. Get information on how to improve clay soil from this article. While there are a great many organic soil amendments, for improving clay soil, you will want to stick to compost or materials that compost quickly. By building raised bed on top of the soil and filling them with new, high quality soil, you will have a quick solution to your clay problem. Permanent Raised Bed Gardening: Soil Preparation. Clay loam soils, which are often unacceptable, can work quite nicely in raised beds if amended with sand and organic matter.

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5 Tips For Improving Your Raised Bed Garden Soil