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In general, the more soil depth that’s available to your plants, the more freely their roots will grow. More soil also holds more moisture, so a deeper raised bed will require less frequent watering. Find out how to increase the yield of your garden and grow the most food possible. A deep, organically rich soil encourages the growth of healthy, extensive roots that are able to reach more nutrients and water. Raised beds yield up to four times more than the same amount of space planted in rows. I am putting in some new raised veggie beds along a fence line and will also be putting in some climbers (probably passion fruit) between the beds and the fence for screening. So, my question is what depth do I need to make sure the veggies have enough soil? How close can dyed mulch be to a vegetable garden raised bed?

raised bed garden soil depth 2Raised beds are good for the soil, your back, and allow you to plant or harvest in just about any weather. There are many ways to make raised beds depending on the depths of your pocket, skill levels and aesthetics. One of the first I made was at a garden in Inmarsh, near Seend. The soil in raised beds is usually superior to that in row gardens in part because it never gets stepped on (much less subjected to the weight of machines) and therefore does not get compacted. It’s possible to increase soil depth without building the bed higher, by the technique known as double digging. A raised bed garden can be used for yards that have poor soil and drainage problems. It can be any depth you choose and can be used for virtually anything you wish to plant.

Raised bed gardening is the ideal solution for overcoming both poor soil conditions and seasonal weather. Although ideal minimum soil depth is about 12 inches, most of our beds are 22 inches deep. It is a good rule of thumb to consider raised bed gardens as large containers. L is length of garden in feet, W is width of garden in feet and D is depth of soil required in inches. This can be done before or after you set the bed frame in place. The raised garden soil depth should be a foot or more below the ground level. The soil at this depth, is usually far less friendly to your plants, than your garden topsoil.

Make Your Veg Comfortable In Raised Beds

raised bed garden soil depth 3I’ve been vegetable gardening for a few years and want to re-do my raised beds. My questions is about the optimal soil depth for the new garden frames.

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