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Use this calculator to determine whether your speaker is best suited for use in a sealed or ported enclosure. If you’re not sure about the proper tuning frequency, use a sealed box or at the very least keep an eye on your woofers for the first few times that you drive them hard with very low notes (and for the idiots out there. Box Tune Calculator allows you to create speaker enclosures on the go. The app includes: – Vented box Calculator – Cut Sheet – Wedge box Calculator – Box Volume Calculator – Port Size Calculator – Wiring diagrams – Ohm Calculators: -Advanced ohm calculator allows you to enter the total Ohm load per speaker(not per voice coil) and number of speakers to get the total Ohm load at amplifier. Just heard re box calculator wasnt accurate. so which one is?

re box calculator 2Subwoofer box calculator instructions on how to solve for the dimensions of a bandpass enclosure. All the boxes i have designed and built has been from the help of the re box calculator. i have built boxes for 2 10’s 12’s and for one 15 and several for one sub set ups for as multiple sub set up u have to know what cubic space u want. for example like in my car, one of my box for my 2 12’s is 3cuft so i know that box would have to be at least 34 or 35 in long side to side and 15 deep and 16 high, so really all re done was just calculate the port for me and i played around with that just trying different tuning possiablities. It’s off by like 5-10 Hz, it’ll usually tell you it’s lower than it really is. That calculator is greeeasy, use The 12 Volt Port Calculator instead, calculating everything manually. BTW mostly everyone knows about that calculator.

RE’s calculator doesn’t allow you to change the length of your first port wall. Also, it seems to add in port end correction factor because I had it telling me a 15 long port, 6 wide had an actual port length of something like 26. I recommend reading the articles in the Projects category on box design for further information. Feel free to check out the other calculators on the site as they may provide the results you are looking for. I have been getting and seeing a fairly large number of questions regarding when a random hero box is worthwhile to purchase. Once you’re finished, this sheet calculates and outputs 2 numerical values and 2 word values:.

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